Freaky Friday: Ukrainians love Katy Perry

I learned this week that Katy Perry must just be huge in the Ukraine. I mean, why else would a Ukrainian polka band be performing her future classic "Hot'n'Cold" on TV? And would said clip make it to YouTube, so I can bring it to you? And what exactly does it mean that the band playing the tune is called Los Colorados? Maybe it's fate. In any case, why wouldn't the Ukraines love her? She's adorable, apparently down with some girl-on-girl action, if her lyrics are to be believed, and not afraid of a little ocular trauma, if this picture is to be believed. Anyway, you don't have to love Perry yourself to love the clip -- I fucking despise her and I found this ridiculously catchy. After the jump, you'll be a believer, too.

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