Free People Records Seeks Music for a Pandemic-Themed Compilation

Timestamp will document music created during the pandemic.
Timestamp will document music created during the pandemic. Free People Records

Mona Magno, aka Monalicious, founded FreeMusicForFreePeople in 2013. Her goal was to bring artists together to collaborate on music. Over the past seven years, the collective has grown into a record label, Free People Records; last summer it launched the TV channel FreePeopleTV, which showcases local musicians.

Free People Records has teamed up with the Underground Music Showcase and Loudspeaker to release Timestamp, a compilation album of regional music made since the pandemic started. Submissions will be accepted through December; the only requirement is that songs must have been written and recorded between March 23 and December 13.

“The reason for this project is to document the music that has been made during times of social distancing, isolation and a summer of civil unrest,” Magno says. “We envision this compilation reflecting the resilience and brilliance of our creative community. This project will be a continuation of the work Free People Records and FM4FP does to amplify underrepresented creative voices.”

So far, Magno says about 150 people have expressed interest in the project, and more than fifty people have actually submitted. Choosing tracks will be hard, she says, but decisions will be based on quality and historical relevance. “Also, how it speaks to how creative people had to get in making the music. There was one band that submitted a song that you could tell was recorded on an eight-track. And I think that speaks to the time, regardless of the message behind the music. So we're hoping to have it be as historic and reflective of this time as possible.”

Magno says the production quality of the songs submitted so far varies, from people recording on their computers and phones to recording studios. She says she’s also seen collaborations, like a member from one band working with a member of another band.

Timestamp will be released early next year, both as a CD and on streaming platforms. Depending on the submissions, Magno says the collective might release additional Timestamp compilations, possibly one with tracks that were made with minimalistic production or one that focuses on songs made by younger artists.

“It’s a huge project that we're focusing on,” Magno says, “one that’s super aligned with what we've been doing the past several years, where we’re trying to create a container for people to come together in a creative way to strengthen our sense of community here in Denver.”

To apply, go to the Free People Records website. The deadline for submissions is December 13.
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