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Freeloader: Blue Million Miles tonight at 3 Kings Tavern

This fine evening, Blue Million Miles is sharing a bill at 3 Kings Tavern with Lion Sized -- whose members will be taking some time off to hangout with kinfolk and write and record a new record, which means this will effectively be its last show of the year -- and Accordion Crimes. In advance of the show, the Blue Millonaires hooked us up with a new track, "Pterodactyl," previously only available on Radio 1190's latest Local Shakedown disc, which, incidently, is quite good and also features new, unreleased and exclusive songs from d.biddle, Bad Luck City, the Swayback, otem rellik, Munly and the Luprecalians, among others.

The band recorded "Pterodactyl" itself at guitarist Jeff Shapiro's home studio, with Shapiro and Ethan Ward (also of Gangcharger) behind the sliders. "We wanted to capture a live vibe for the song," Shapiro explains. "So we set up in our rehearsal space and just went for it. We tried not to get too lost in refining the production aspects, just wanted to get a good feel for a band playing a brand new song." Although "Pterodactyl" was merely a one-off recording while the band was writing new songs, the band plans to begin recording new tunes later this year and into next year, and if there's continuity between this version of the song and the new tracks, Sharpiro says, it may be included on the forthcoming record.

"I think the most exciting part for me," he concludes, "was that we have decided to engineer and produce our own stuff for the time being. Its a glorious headache being technician and musician, but I think it takes away the hourly studio rate gun away from our temple, allowing us to experiment with sounds and technique without blowing the proverbial budget -- meaning:none."

MP3: "Pterodactyl," Blue Million Miles

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