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Bad Weather Shutters Global Dance Festival, but Fans Remain Positive

Bad weather forced Global Dance Festival to shut down.
Bad weather forced Global Dance Festival to shut down. Mauricio Rocha
When people think of Colorado as a destination for music festivals and concerts, they think of the great outdoors. But sometimes they forget that those great outdoors can cause a great mess. That was the case with Global Dance Festival this weekend, which suffered damage to festival equipment and the site itself, outside Broncos Stadium at Mile High.

Ultimately, the City and County of Denver and Broncos Stadium shut down the festival on Saturday, July 20, as thunderstorms swept into the metro area.

On Saturday, organizers posted to Facebook, "The global dance site and production has suffered significant damage due to the weather. We are currently assessing the situation."

Not long after, they wrote, "We love and appreciate your support, we have the top professionals working with us and have looked for every possible option, however the site is not safe," the organizers wrote. "The facility and the City of Denver have determined that we cannot go on. All tickets for Saturday will be automatically refunded. 50% of all 2 day passes will be refunded as well. We are obviously devastated, however everyone’s safety is paramount. Please be safe."

After Global Dance Festival announced refunds, fans took to social media in gratitude. That decision comes at a massive loss for the organizers but will keep the EDM community trusting the promoters for years to come.

"Plain and simple, nobody can control the weather," wrote Lisa, on the Global Dance Festival Facebook page. "Especially here in Colorado. Yes it absolutely sucks that the weather has taken over this event but you can't blame global or the security people or anybody for that matter. As hard as it is to admit, everybody being safe and the DJ's all being safe rather than being on a stage that collapses is most important."

Others thanked Global Dance and pledged to come back next year — in part because of how the festival offered refunds so quickly.

Ivan wrote: "Absolutely top notch customer service giving a refund. I understand that isn't the easiest decision. I will be attending your events in the future!"

One fan quoted the song "Good Things Fall Apart" by Illenium (with Jon Bellion), who was slated to play a back-to-back set with Excision: "Coming to terms with a broken heart, I guess that sometimes good things fall apart.”
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