Goodbye, Magic Cyclops. Hello, Scotty Ramone. Hello, Magic Cyclops.

Update: Well, that was short lived. Scotty Ramone has officially been retired, and Magic Cyclops has returned to compete tonight in... Seattle! After crushing defeats in Denver and Fort Collins, the Magic one somehow raised enough loot to take a road trip to the Emerald City to make one more run at the crown. Good luck and Godspeed, brother. We're rooting for you. We'll let you know how he did tomorrow. In the meantime, see Scotty Ramone in action at the Bluebird after the jump.

Well alright! Dude wasn't kidding. When we ran into the one and only Magic Cyclops at the Meadowlark last weekend, he mentioned something about how much he's been training for the US Air Guitar regional coming up in a few weeks at the Bluebird and how he had some new tricks up his sleeve. Well, he wasn't pulling our leg. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Scotty Ramone, the great one's air guitar alter ego. Check out Mr. Ramone's brand new video after the jump and be sure to show up in a couple of Wednesdays from now to cheer him on to victory.

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