Hear the (Incredible) New Snake Rattle Rattle Snake Album In Its Entirety

Update: Time's up! We've picked winners for the vinyl and taken down the album stream. Go hear it in person tonight at the Gothic.

Original post follows.

Snake Rattle Rattle Snake spent years working on its sophomore album, Totem. For this week's Backbeat feature, we talked to the band's members about its making. They will finally celebrate its release with a show tomorrow (November 14) at the Gothic Theatre, and they're offering you fine readers a chance to hear the whole thing right here for one day beforehand.

We also have a couple copies of Totem on vinyl you could win. Details (and, more importantly, the album stream) are below.

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The album stream has been removed in anticipation of the release show tonight.

For a chance at one of those copies of of the album, simply listen and tell us what you think of it in the comments below or on Twitter (use #SRRS so we can find you).

Here's how we described Totem in this week's feature:

There are no clear choruses or catchy hooks. Instead, this is a record with a pulse. It fluctuates, recedes and then lunges forward suddenly. Hayley's vocals are more than compelling enough to carry the listener through, but this is miles away from the band's debut, which sent danceable sensibilities and catchy melodies through a macabre filter ... Totem is still capable of making people move, but this time it's almost ritualistic, with Hayley singing incantations, repeating the same phrases as beats swell and fade behind her. "I root for the antelope, I root for the lion," she whispers over and over in "Versus," while drums and bass slowly build. While the album is very much a group effort, the result comes across as personal and private, the work of a fanged, five-headed beast.

The Snake Rattle Rattle Snake Totem release show is this Friday at the Gothic Theatre.

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