Hello, world: Meet Nathaniel Rateliff

Nathaniel Rateliff certainly needs no introduction in Denver. Prior to being championed by Brooklyn Vegan and attracting the attention of Vanity Fair, Rateliff generated reams of praise here as the frontman of Born in the Flood, an act many predicted would fill arenas by decade's end.

And when he branched out on his own under the Wheel moniker, he won even more folks over with the sheer expressiveness of his voice, which beamed even brighter in a subtler context. So it's hard for us to imagine hearing him again for the first time, but that's exactly what the rest of the country is experiencing right now.

To them, Rateliff is an unknown artist. As such, the clip above, produced by Rateliff's label, Rounder Records, is intended as an introduction to the singer-songwriter to scribes and programmers across the country, in advance of his forthcoming debut, In Memory of Loss, due out on Tuesday, April 27.

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