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Hey, is that Dave Grohl?: Ten awesome celebrity photobombs

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Last week, NPR asked listeners to share photos of themselves with favorite musicians. That's a swell idea and all, but we thought that taking the angle of the photobomber would be a more entertaining way to look at pictures of famous people with non-famous people. While there have been many sites dedicated to the art of photobombing, we took a moment to comb the vast expanse of the Internet and bring you the best of the best. Below, enjoy a some pictures we found of fans being photobombed by musicians, musicians being photobombed by other celebrities, and, well, you get the point. 10. Dan Black, incognito photobomber extraordinaire You may not have heard of Dan Black yet, but after his series of photobombs for Best Week Ever, you will probably fall in love with him. The French-by-way-Britain electro artist infiltrated groups of non-celebs during Austin City Limits last year, and managed to come off looking cooler, funnier and more debonair than anyone trying to get hip and pose-y for the camera. Bravo, Dan Black. You have successfully sucked the last bit of life out the cliched party photo enterprise.

9. David Spade gets in with Eve
Not sure why an arrow was necessary to point out David Spade's terminally creepy face, but nonetheless, he wins the award for "Adult Male Most Likely To Pull Off A Shirley Temple Face In a Photobomb."

8. John Mayer and two women from the Fedora club
This could be one of two scenarios: Either these women knew John Mayer was behind them and wanted to document it in a subtle way, or John Mayer really is a photobomber. Whatever the real reason is, it doesn't matter, because this image of Mayer looking like a hilariously wimpy grandma was worth the photo. Where are they eating lunch anyway? Maggiano's? 7. Dave Grohl bombs Jessica and Nick Now this, this is a true photobomb. Not only does Dave Grohl take the opportunity to jump in the once Newlywed stars' picture, he blows up the spot with a huge, lion's roar of a grin on his face. Nice work, Dave. 6. Spiderman, Dan Deacon and some guy There really isn't ever a time when Dan Deacon doesn't look like he's partying, just been partying, or about to party. But as he was taking a break from his usual party schedule to snap a photo with some dude in a Halloween costume, a photobomber got him, hand on the shoulder and all. 5. David Hasselhoff will never go away Though he has spent less time in the spotlight that usual in recent years, David Hasselhoff's smile and curly mullet will forever be ingrained in our brains (hopefully more so than that sad, terrible image of him shirtless and blackout drunk, eating a burger off of the carpet.) He wanted to make sure these women never forgot about him. Our only question is: Who in the hell is that other guy? 4. Joey Fatone and Lisa Rinna This may not actually count as a photobomb, because these two were supposed to be hosting some Red Carpet shit together. However, it is a pleasant reminder that we could really go without ever seeing either one of them perform or act again. Was he in NSYNC or BSB? Who is Lisa Rinna anyway? Who cares? 3. Jay-Z, Beyonce and some dude's beer belly It is almost like Jay-Z could feel the thunderous jiggle of the gentleman behind him -- Jigga's courtside facial expression is like a cry for help, right before the man behind him tries to eat Beyonce. 2. When Jay-Z photobombs your photo Wanna know how to look like a chump? Get photobombed by Jay-Z. 1. Chris Rock's eyes pop out, directly on to Rihanna Chris Rock, bless his heart. He has no shame in his game. It would be unreasonable to think that one could walk by a woman as beautiful as Rihanna and not look at her, but he takes it to the next level, full head turn, buggy cartoon eyes and all.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.