If Yerkish does decide to change its name, here's five ideas for a new moniker

So word has it that the dudes from Yerkish (due May 3 at the Walnut Room with the Memorials) may be considering a name change. Faced with the prospect of losing two founding members and gaining two new members, the switch seems logical (although if that logic applied to everybody, Guns N' Roses wouldn't still be called Axl's Super Ego, now would it?). Just the same, if the fellas do decide to change the name, we're going to miss the Yerkish handle -- what it meant, the way it was presented graphically and, most importantly, how the group came to truly embody its moniker. With that in mind, we've come up with five suggestions for a new name.

05. Yertle ... as in, the Turtle. This is probably the most obvious choice. By merely swapping a few consonants, the band can modify and thus continue to get some more mileage out of its already established brand. The likelihood of this happening of course, is about as good as Detroit giving Charlie Sheen a key to the city.

04. Rhotacism According to our friend Wikipedia, "Rhotacism" is "the inability to or difficulty in pronouncing r." Hint: Think Elmer Fudd. Not sure why this one strikes us as a good choice other than it reminds us of Yerkish, a word that most people probably know there was a word for.

03. Dump Truck Motorcade This one comes from a particularly memorable installment of Red Meat from 2005. If we had a band, this is what we'd name it.

02. Spencer Elden's Weenus If you don't recognize the name Spencer Elden, you've seen his weenus. Still drawing a blank? He was the tot whose wang doodle was prominently displayed on the cover of Nevermind.

01. Digit Take a look at this obscure Muppet and tell us he wouldn't make the perfect mascot for the new Yerkish. Uh-huh. See what we're saying? (Honorable mention: Big Mean Carl)

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.