Ill discount or Illest discount? Free breakfast for the Wu-Tang members at Cafe Europa

Cafe Europa's general manager, Adam Azeris, is bringing a little piece of Brooklyn right here into Denver. The coffee shop at Penn and Bayaud has been respectfully dubbed "Wu-Ropa," in honor of one of the most legendary rap groups of all time.

This rap-pellation is an inverse reflection of the crew at Wu-Ropa, where few -- if any -- are actual rappers from Staten, Long Beach or the like. Either way, touring members of the Wu-Tang Clan get free breakfast here, a small token of appreciation for being one of the best groups of all time.

So why Wu-Ropa? What kind of connections did U-God, RZA or Ghostface ever make to a light Peruvian blend of spices and arabica beans? Did GZA ever order his eggs tiger style? Regardless, Azeris believes something much more than just the lyrical aesthetics of the Wu.

"In the sense of when they first came as a crew to the music industry and were just like, 'This is what we have: We have something we want to put forth that is going to be something that gets recognized,'" Azeris recalls. "Something that is a good product. I think that's why I started calling this place Wu-Ropa."

The art on the walls is always changing, displaying unique talents of local artists, some of whom are -- or once were -- employed at the cafe. This mindset carries more so into Azeris's belief about being the best.

"We're not trying to reinvent the wheel," he says. "And we haven't. We just do something really well. That's what I think about Wu -- they kill it. And that's what we want to do it: Kill it! If its a burrito, it's the best burrito you've had in Denver. If it's coffee, you don't even want to go anywhere else; you want to come here, because it's done right. It's not something new or gimmicky. It's just done right. And also, I don't want to be all big and corporate, I like the rawness."

You know who else liked the rawness? Ol' Dirty Bastard. An open invitation is sent to the original Wu, pioneers of raw sound, that whenever they la rumba through Denver, Wu-Ropa will serve a triumph worthy breakfast. And you won't have to protect yo eggz.

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