Introducing the Westword Music Showcase VIP package

Got your tickets for Showcase yet? Talk about the steal of the century! Ghostland Observatory, Superchunk, Dirty Projectors, Neon Indian, Single File and Oh My Stars? Holy crap! Oh and let's not forget the more than eighty of the city's best and brightest that will be on hand -- and if you act now for a limited time (ticket prices go up to $15 next month), you can see it all just for $9.33! Yeah, this is some regular Oceans Eleven type shit. But wait, the recession value of this thing just got even better: This year we put together a killer VIP package for a measly $50 with enough perks to make you feel like a bona fied VIP without leaving you with lint in your pockets afterward, including special access to two VIP viewing areas, private restrooms and a private bar, as well as complimentary food and cocktails. See the full package details after the jump. And then get your VIP tix today!

Westword Music Showcase VIP ($50) Amenenties Include:

  • Access to two VIP viewing areas
  • Access to private restrooms
  • Complimentary catering
  • Complimentary water
  • (2) beers or cocktails
  • (2) red bulls
  • Commemorative festival laminate, poster, and t-shirt.

There's also a chance to win band meet & greets and a chance to win poster signed by Showcase acts.

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