Jared Piccone of Innerpartysystem on the band's evolving sound and its growing popularity in CO

When we last spoke with Jared Piccone of Innperpartysystem back in 2009, the act had just come off its split with Island Records. There was rampant speculation amongst fans about the future of the band, but Piccone assured us that it was a step in the right direction for everybody involved.

A year later, the outfit is continuing its ascent on a new label, Red Bull Records. In advance of Innerpartysystems Not So Silent Night show tonight at the 1STBANK Center with 3OH!3, we spoke with Piccone about the group's steadily evolving sound, its growing popularity in Colorado and how Red Bull Records' approach differs from Island.

Westword: First of all congratulations on your new single "American Trash." It's been doing extremely well here on 93.3.

Jared Piccone: Unreal. I never thought this could happen, especially with a song that we released on our own. We're stoked anybody would give it a listen without a label backing it up. We owe a lot to Nerf and those guys over there. Denver's our best place to play in the United States now besides our hometown, thanks to those guys, honestly. We've played some shows with 3OH!3 there which didn't hurt. But just that, in general, it's literally our favorite place to play. We draw a lot more kids there, and it just seems to be a lot more fun. I fucking love it.

You were here last at The Summit Music Hall with just three of you on stage. What happened to the previous lineup?

We had a fourth guy Jesse [Cronan], who, at the end of the PacTour, just wasn't really feeling the direction of music we were writing. It was totally cool there was no bad blood or anything. He had an opportunity to live in the U.K. for a while and he took it. He is just trying to do his own thing.

Is this the plan moving forward then with just the three of you?

It kind of worked out, because we're going to a more electronic direction anyway. With electronic music there's just some things you can't recreate live. It probably would have gotten to a point where there wouldn't have been a whole lot for him to do. I mean, especially with bigger samples all you can really do is trigger it by hitting a button. We're probably going to stay with three. With our newer songs we wrote them with three people in mind. We stressed on it to begin with, but it really came together. We're happy.

You parted with Island Records back in 2009, was it because of that direction?

Even before. With Island, we didn't get that far for them to say, 'Hey we're not stoked on that direction.' It was much more, like -- they didn't give us a chance. It was almost like, 'Hey you guys aren't Fallout Boy, and your record has been out for three months. Forget it.' There's just no patience these days with major labels, because it's so hard for them to make money now. If something's not instant, they're not willing to grow with the bands like they used to.

It's still completely necessary now [to have patience], not everything is an overnight success. Kings of Leon is a great example. They had to trudge forever until they exploded. It's nice now to be on Red Bull Records, where it's not even remotely an issue. They're just like, 'We're huge fans of the band. We're huge fans of how you guys present yourself, and fans of how you create music and the ideas you have, and we just want to facilitate that.' Long story short, it's been awesome. We're very excited.

The rumors are that you'll be releasing an EP early on next year and possibly a full length afterwards?

JP: Absolutely. It might actually be two EPs. We're probably going to do like six songs really early next year. I don't really have a date, but I'd say before March. January or February or March, somewhere in there. Then we're going to do six more over the summer. At the end of the year, we're going to put out a record with those songs with more remixes and more songs. So basically we're going to split a fourteen or fifteen songs album up over the year. We're at the point where we don't want to wait any longer. We're just excited to get some of the new tunes out.

Are there any definitive tour plans around the releases?

We're definitely planning on touring along with the EP. It's just a matter of what we can get on and what we submit for. We'll probably do a short run through the U.S., but hopefully, the plan is to hop on a bigger tour. Right now, we've been doing a lot of one-off shows in, like, Denver, K.C., Salt Lake City, and then next year, we're going to the U.K. to do a show. It's almost like we're approaching a new model of touring, where we're spotty popular, not just a band that's big everywhere.

I'm going to have to admit this here, but I watched the MTV's series of Downtown Girls. I caught your cameo on one of the episodes with your girlfriend (Gurj Bassi). What was the effect on you guys with both of you being so busy?

Oh no! I was hoping that slipped by everybody. Honestly the show went so poorly it didn't affect it at all. It's over. Every week, we both just sat there like, 'Oh my god, this show is so bad.' I honestly felt there was going to be more backlash with fans because we're so anti-reality television, you know what I mean?

It filmed everyday for four months. It was either be a part of it for a little bit, or not see my girlfriend at all. I'm all about trying everything once. It was definitely a funny experience. Something I'll never do again, but it was definitely hilarious. It's just a funny story. I definitely burnt all my bridges at MTV because I was such a difficult dude to deal with. I have no future in reality television, I can tell you that much.

You're coming to town for the Not So Silent Night show to open up for 3OH!3, obviously friends of yours after you toured together a few years back. Are you able to keep in touch with them?

As much as we can. Those dudes are super busy. I live in Queens now, and Sean [Foreman] lives in Brooklyn, so we get to see him when we're both in town. I haven't seen Nat [Motte] in forever. When these kinds of shows happen between us and 3OH!3, it's always an entire weekend of partying. We're going to be hanging all weekend and get a little crazy.

KTCL's Not So Silent Night, featuring 3OH!3 with Innerpartysystem, Oh My Stars and the Epilogues, 7 p.m. Friday, November 26, 1STBANK Center, 11450 Broomfield Lane, Broomfield, $30, 303-830-8497.

* As a special bonus before this years Not So Silent Night and to show the fans that they genuinely appreciate all the devotion coming out of this state, IPS is holding a contest for strictly Denver folks. The winner will receive trash. Lots of it. The guys recently created a large scale American Flag out of trash the band picked out of local receptacles and plan on giving it away. Catch the clip below to watch a time-lapse video of the piece and their gorilla style installation on the 16th St. Mall.

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