Jonny Barber brings Elvis back to life this Thursday at Nick's Cafe in honor of Elvis week

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Next Thursday will mark the 35th year since Elvis left the building. In honor of the occasion, Jonny Barber is pulling the jumpsuit out of the mothballs. Even though it's now been a year since the Velvet Elvis himself met his untimely end, the spirit of EP lives on — or at least it will for one more night this Thursday, August 9, from 6 to 9 p.m., when Barber once again channels the King to commemorate his upcoming sojourn next week to the Holy Land (aka Memphis) for Elvis week.

Fittingly, Barber's Memphis kick-off party is going down at Nick's Cafe on 7th and Simms. Nick's namesake, of course, is none other than Nick Andurlakis, one of the gents who personally delivered the decadent Fool's Gold Loaf sandwiches from Cindy and Buck Scott's now defunct Colorado Mine Company in Glendale (4490 E. Virginia) to Elvis.

Joining Barber for this special shindig is jeweler Bob Kortz, who once procured a 3.50 carat black diamond for Elvis in the mid '70s and then roused a Vail jeweler in the middle of the night to set the stone for the King. Kortz, who's designed a special Fool's Gold necklace for the occasion (with a large portion of the proceeds going toward the victims of the recent Aurora theater tragedy), will be on hand, along with Barber and Andurlakis, regaling folks with the full tale of his Elvis encounter.

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