K.C. Kasum on Justin Bieber and the Pinchers reunion shows next weekend

Wind up the hype machine and cue hyperventilation: Unless you just flew in from a remote village on the outskirts of Machu Pichu, you're well aware that the Warlock Pinchers -- a few members of which played a teaser set this past weekend at the UMS as Murder Pinchers -- are gearing up to play their eagerly anticipated pair of reunion shows next weekend at the Gothic Theatre (one of which, we learned over the weekend, will include Melvins Lite, a two-piece version of that legendary band.)

Some of us, who count the Pinchers among our all time favorite local acts (ahem, your's truly), are, of course, giddy as hell and losing our ever loving minds with fevered anticipation to see the shows, their first in nearly two decades next Friday, August 6 (sold out!) and Saturday, August 7. We were equally as excited to see this clip of K.C. Kasum being interviewed by Arlo for the inaugural edition of Hypnotic Turtle TV outside the 1st Bank Center.

Oh, and don't miss the bonus vintage Christian TV clip above featuring longtime scene booster Kathy Taylor, talk show host Bob Larson and, of course, our friendly neighborhood Warlock Pinchers, with live footage from Rock Island (at a show, we very well may have attended).

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Dave Herrera
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