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Ke$ha rules the airwaves -- and makes us want to shoot ourselves in the face

"Just listened to a "song" from Ke$ha. Fucking shoot me in the face! That was the worst 3min of my life. I am going to kill puppies now." Best. Tweet. Ever. Hands down. Couldn't have said it any better, numberthree. Not only do you swing the sticks with the zest of Papa Zita, clearly you've also been imparted with the wisdom of Solomon.

Ke$ha, in case you just joined us from exile (welcome back, BTW), has the hottest single in the land right now, the inescapable, totally odius ode "Tik Tok." Surely you've heard it. If not, give it a spin above -- or just imagine an unholy, completely sexless union of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, lubed up with the crotch grabbing bravado of the Millionaires. Uh huh. Face shooting pablum, however you stack it.

Regardless, right now, it's ruling the charts -- the loathsome ditty is currently number one on the iTunes album and singles chart, number on on SoundScan digital songs chart and tops the Billboard Hot 100 -- and the airwaves. And next up, is the appropriately titled "Blah Blah Blah," featuring the affable gents from 3OH!3, which is the number two single on iTunes right now. Sigh. Maybe we're missing something here.

Eh, whatever. Beats having to try and explain Susan Boyle, we guess.

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Dave Herrera
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