Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" video ups her weirdness quotient. Again.

Just when you thought Lady Gaga couldn't get any weirder, she delivers something like this video to prove she's just hitting her (weird) stride. When we delved into the most WTF videos of the year so far, we speculated that the then-unreleased video for "Alejandro" would score highly on the WTF scale. Well, it's out now and it makes her trashy pop-culture love letter of a video for "Telephone" look positively tame. Where the "Telephone" video was all bright colors, broad strokes and cheeky nods to grindhouse cinema, this video is dark, disturbing and hypnotic. It's willfully arty and bleak, full of fascist iconography, simulated sex, vinyl-clad S&M nuns and assault-rifle bra. It's almost enough to make you wonder if she really isn't actually wrapped up with the Illuminati after all...

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