Lowlife jerkwads steal All Capitals' van

What is it with all these lowlife jerks preying on hardworking, hapless musicians? It has been our great displeasure to report on a series of heists over the past year or so involving a number of local minstels. Off the top of our head, last fall, Epilogues had a laptop jacked -- from a benefit it was playing, no less -- Sean Kennedy from Tickle Me Pink had his house burglarized, as did Matt Bellinger and Marie Litton from Ghost Buffalo. And now it seems that some merciless halfwits have made off with a van belonging to the members of All Capitals. The guys, who are understandably miffed, strongly urge that "if you see our van rolling around, you have our permission to pull the person out that is driving it and punch them in the face...hard." While we're not big proponents of violence, we fully appreciate the sentiment.

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