Meese SXSW tour diary

Saturday March 21 - Day 4: So here we are. Our last day in Austin. Going to try and take it easy today, seeing as how we have to drive to L.A. tonight, but I'm sure we'll still get into some trouble. We've got a show at 9 p.m. tonight at Maggie Mae's rooftop, and it's our official SXSW showcase showdown -- or atleast we've been calling it a showcase showdown (price is right, get it??). Anyway, really looking forward to this one. It's in a really cool venue, and there's a slew of other cool bands playing on the same stage. should be awesome. SXSW: We survived. We saw Glasvegas (twice), Andrew Bird, M.Ward, Cursive, Gomez and a million other bands. The Epilogues probably had the best set of any band I saw, though. Seriously. They killed. Donezo. Welp, see you back home!

Friday March 20 - Day 3: Got to sleep in til 9:30 today! Woke up, drove downtown and played the Village Voice showcase. We shared the stage with M.Ward and Cursive. Very cool. Hung out in the air conditioned free food tent for a while (always awesome) and then headed over to the Jackalope where we played the Mile Hi-Fidelity stage right after the Epilogues and right before the Photo Atlas and Born in the Flood. It was one tasty denver music sandwhich grilled to perfection under the mid-day Texas sun! So far, the Mile Hi-Fidelity stage was our loudest, craziest and most fun show. After that i learned what a flaming doctor pepper shot was, saw Glasvegas at the Spin Magazine showcase, met up with some family members that live down this way (what up, Ryan) and made it back to the hotel in time to watch sports center. Great day.

Thursday March 19 - Day 2: Yo. austin is beautiful. It feels more like Souther California than Texas. Drove into the city and did some press stuff for the label, Rock the Vote, 98.7 in LA, and AP magazine. After too many afternoon cocktails, we played our PureVolume show around six o'clock on the hottest stage I've ever been on in my life. Pretty hectic. Word to the wise: if you're going to play SXSW, have your sh*t together with loading on and off stage. It turns into a circus real quick. Later that night, we ended up in a van with Ben DeSoto for a half an hour and only drove about four blocks becase of the traffic downtown. Got some food and drink at the Iron Cactus (where waitresses will seat you faster if you have a green bracelet... and you give them $20). After that we went to stubb's BBQ and saw Gomez and Andrew Bird. Very cool. Going to bed now. Talk soon.

Wednesday, March 18 - Day 1: Hey, Denver, Nathan Meese here from Meese. We're going to be keeping all y'all up to date on our shennanigans down in Austin this year.

So after a week of dates with Valencia and Houston Calls, we are heading down to Texas from my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. It was a mother of a drive, but we're at the hotel and made it in one piece after 26 hours of driving across our glorious and blooming nation. It's been a long time since we've seen any green vegetation so regardless were all pretty pumped.

This is our first SXSW ever, and there's a grip of bands that we're dying to see. Glasvegas, the Bird and the Bee, Barcelona, as well as our homies Born in the Flood, Photo Atlas and the Epilogues.

So wish us luck as we enter the fray (no pun intended) and try to rock the cowboy boots off of Austin!

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