Meet Jane Doed, a pierced, badass bitch with a voice more beautiful than a summer day

Who Is Jane Doed? is the name of the debut album from Amanda Hawkins, frontwoman for the band Della. It also refers to the name of Hawkins's alter ego, the most fierce and strong side of herself. "Jane Doed is not the girl next door," her bio clarifies. "Unless, by 'girl next door,' you really mean, a pierced, badass bitch with a mouthful of curse words, sang by a voice more beautiful than a summer day."

Jane Doed
Jane Doed

For her inaugural solo outing, Hawkins enlisted the help of seemingly every rapper in the city, who each join her in a pretty impressive marriage of rap and R&B. The album, recorded at Mercury Sauce and produced by Nathan Reid, showcases the captivating voice of Hawkins, particularly on tracks like "Foolish" and "Save My Soul."

"Foolish," featuring music by Scissorz and a cameo from Rockie, offers a youthful take on relationships, with Hawkins belting at the top of her lungs. The lady can sing, and the chemistry between her and Rockie is unmistakable. Her lyrics dance around his verse, which Rockie delivers with rhythmic ease and light humor.

"Save My Soul," a track from True Breed, finds Hawkins in pitch-perfect form, with the lyrics even taking a back seat to the vocals. Julox, meanwhile, guests on the cut and delivers an imposing verse with the hiccupping flow that is his signature style.

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