Monolith's fate still appears to be unknown. Is no news good news? We hope so.

If you're like us, you've been on pins and needles for the past three months or so, anxiously awaiting word on whether the Monolith Festival will be happening again this year or not. While we're no closer to knowing the fate of Monolith than we were this past November, when we first heard that the festival's organizers had run into financial difficulties, the relative silence since then has been sort of deafening -- not to mention deflating.

And the note currently posted on the front page of the site from Josh Baker and Matt Fecher (posted after the jump), unfortunately, doesn't offer any more hope or insight. Here's to hoping that the two masterminds are holed up in a war room somewhere hashing out the details with new sponsors in an effort to continue producing this important and much beloved festival. We'll let you know when we know more. In the meantime, join us in reliving some very fond memories of the fest by watching the above clip and here's to hoping there's many more.


We have enthusiastically promoted and produced the MONOLITH FESTIVAL for 3 years now. Over the course of those three years we have witnessed some amazing performances, met a bunch of great friends and produced a very special event that filled our voracious appetite to deliver the most amazing new artists in the world.

Many of you who know us know that we do this out of sheer pleasure, undesirable love of music and a vehicle to tout our admiration for hardworking musicians.

A very special thanks to the fans who have bought tickets, told your friends, blogged and shouted from the mountaintops about their admiration and love for Monolith. We encourage you to continue this as it can only help our cause. We would also like to thank our loyal, generous sponsors and partners who have been there for us year after year.

Specific thanks and credit goes to Esurance who saw our vision for this event and remains the sole reason why this event was even possible.

- Josh Baker & Matt Fecher, MONOLITH FESTIVAL

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