Monroe Monroe - "Squeeze"

You've heard this sound before. It's nothing new or even particularly novel. At least it won't strike you as such, particularly if you own the first three U2 albums. Just the same, by god, does it sound absolutely fanfreakingtastic! These dudes just completely smash it on this cut! It's a little ditty called "Squeeze," and it's from an outfit led by Frankie Abbatecola called Monroe Monroe, rechristened from its previous moniker, the Legendary Beep Beeps.

The track, recorded at the Blasting Room earlier this week, is literally still hot to the touch, and holy hell if it didn't completely stop traffic for me this morning. I'm waiting for everyone in the office here to start banging on the walls. It's only a matter of time --- not only have I been playing the tune non-stop all morning, but I've got this bugger just cranked. Listen for yourself and then download below.

MP3: Monroe Monroe - "Squeeze"

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