More Mile High American Idol hopefuls

In yesterday's Idol wrap up, it appears we missed another group of homegrown hopefuls who are on their way to Tinseltown. First up is Mark LaBriola, seen in the clip below, from Aurora. He thinks he looks like Jack Black (we think he bears more of a passing resemblance to Jason Cain of Astrophagus), was evidently kidnapped by his mom and lived on the lamb for a good portion of his childhood and earned his golden ticket with a serviceable rendition of "Tempted" by Squeeze.

Next, we have Tayler Bledsoe, an eighteen-year-old hopeful straight out of the People's Republic, who thinks folks would be surprised to know that she has a "huge view on life." There's something way bigger out there than this, she believes. The other thing that sets her apart, says Bledsoe, is that she's into film scoring. "I think that music really makes the films," she says. "It's not only about singing it's really about music."

Tayler Bledsoe

Finally, we have 23-year-old Blake Marvin from Highlands Ranch. Marvin's biggest thrill thus far as a musician was opening a date for Lonestar in Nebraska with his band a couple years ago. The proud owner of a five foot robot he built himself, Marvin claims to be gifted with anything that runs on a power source.

Robot Boy's actually got a decent set of pipes. Check it out.

Smart money's on him advancing to the finals. He's got the looks, the name and the voice.

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