Nine Tips for Surviving Decadence 2017

Kicking off tonight is the two-night electronic music festival Decadence. You may already have your ticket and some beaded bracelets ready, but there are some other things you ought to consider when making the trek to the convention center for the next two nights. We've compiled a list of helpful items, tips and good measures to not only survive Decadence, but to come out on top.

1. Phone. Wallet. Keys. ID. Tickets.
We good? We good.

Take care of yourself; take care of others. No one wants to have spent good money on tickets only to spend the festival in the medical tent.

3. Jacket
You mother always told you to never leave home without a jacket. And while the forecast for Friday night is well above the average for this time of year, chances are you will be walking outside or huddled around a smartphone waiting for surge prices to go down. Coat check is a logistical nightmare. The best idea is to go to a thrift shop or goodwill and spend $4 on a used jacket. Besides the fact that you could come across something stylish, when you're about to ride home, you can give your jacket to somebody on the street. If the task of looking for someone to take your used coat is not something on your list, write a note and attach it to the tag that says in large, legible letters DONATE ME. So when you do leave it behind, the cleanup and lost and found know that your jacket would best serve someone less fortunate.

4. Cash
If you're whipping out a card at the bar, the extra time it takes the bartender to go back, run the card, return it, find a pen, grab your signature.... It's something that can easily be avoided and can save you and everyone else some valuable time when you're hustling from set to set.

5. Charging Stick
Because of your constant need to shoot photos of your outfit on your phone — work those fury boots! — you will start to drain your battery. And when the night ends and you've got all the numbers of your new friends and photos to take with you, you'll still need to find your squad and your ride. A charging stick is a godsend at music festivals. Hopefully, you already have one; otherwise, get on that now!

6. Screenshots
Take a screenshot of everything useful for the festival: set times, the festival Map and anything else. You may have them bookmarked or already in your phone's website browser, but cell service at music festivals notoriously sucks.

7. Earplugs
But earplugs are for losers! No one has ever once made fun of anyone at a concert for earplugs. You know what would be sad? Twenty years from now when you're watching Wheel of Fortune and your neighbors are complaining about how loud the television is because you went to every electronic show and got your eardrums blasted by bass for hours on end. Your body is your temple. Make the purchase, and besides, earbuds give off the ever-so-confident "This ain't my first rodeo" vibe.

8. Bandanna
It's gonna get hot and get hot quick. Don't underestimate the pleasure of a nice pat of the forehead. If you think ahead, stick it in the freezer and it will stay cool for at least an hour into the festival. If you don't have a bandanna, grab a washcloth.

9. Transportation

First of all, I saw this and didn't believe it. But it's on television and the Internet, so it must be true. The gracious folks at Sawaya Law Firm want you to get home safe. I mean they really want you to. So, they are paying for your cab ride to ensure that it happens. Yes, you read that correctly. There are some caveats to this deal, but they are simple:

1. You must be 21 or older.

2. It has to be to a home. No bar-hopping or using it as your ride to the event.

3. Rides are only available in metro Denver.

4. The maximum fare they will foot is $35. In a regular cab, that will get you to Denver's suburbs.

Just send the receipt and a copy of your ID to the firm, and they will reimburse you. Find the address to send it here.

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