Paper Bird's new EP and Twist & Shout in-store

Paper Bird just put the finishing touches on a brand new disc. We recently had the privilege of giving it some advance spins, and wowee, wait til you hear it! Simply adorable (natch), the new EP, titled A Sky Underground, will be unveiled to the world at large this Wednesday, June 24 at the hi-dive in the company of Achille Lauro and the Bluegrass Quartet. If you tuned in to Mile Hi-Fidelity this past Wednesday, you heard "Dead as a Dead Man's Bones," just one of the gorgeous tracks from the new record. Another stand out is a cut called "Colorado," which we couldn't put on the air. The words are a little, um, how shall we say... not "FCC safe," we believe is how the band put it. At any rate, you'll have several chances to catch that tune and a bunch of others beginning tonight when the outfit stops by the Oriental Theater to perform at a benefit for El Centro Day Labor Center. And then tomorrow night the act will be at the Gypsy House, followed by the previously mentioned EP release show at the hi-dive next week, culminating with a very special in-store at Twist & Shout on Friday, June 26 at 6 p.m., which the fine folks at the Helmet Room will be recording for later release in association with Twist and the Coalition of Independent Music Stores.

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