Patton Oswalt vs. Nick Madson: Turns out the joke-stealing Denverite is a little crazytown (Update)

Update: Madson has apologized to Oswalt, and in the process told about 74 different lies about why he stole Oswalt's and other comics' material. God we hope this guy's not our fucking neighbor.

Original item: We caught wind of this from our pals at the A.V. Club, who keenly observed the item on Patton Oswalt's MySpace blog yesterday. Evidently, there's this so-called comedian from here in Denver named Nick Madson who's been shamelessly (allegedly) stealing (don't know what else you'd call it) other people's jokes and shit. People we love named Patton Oswalt. There's nothing funny about that.

Now normally something like this probably wouldn't cause us to even raise an eyebrow -- gags are pilfered pretty frequently, apparently -- but this YouTube footage has us pretty sore. Outraged, in fact.

Aside from his fellow Comedians of Comedy (Mr. Galifianakis and Mr. Poeshen), Oswalt is our favorite funny guy. Hands down. And the bit that Madson lifted is also one of our favorites (next to the one about stumbling onto an orgy from the new album), and Madson just butchers it.

How's that old saying go? Talent borrows; genius steals? Fuck that. Shame on you, sir. Write your own shit, you fucking douche nozzle.

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