Primasonic farewell show slated for this Saturday night at Bender's Tavern

Earlier today, literally minutes after we posted

a scene report detailing all the recent shake-ups, breakups and births in the scene

, we received word about another noteworthy development -- so noteworthy, in fact, that we thought it deserved a post all its own. This Saturday, Primasonic, a combo led by Sindo Lamas that has called it a day, is playing one last show at Bender's Tavern, with the Evening Edition and Inoculate.

Before parting ways, the outfit made a pretty decent name for itself as a bare-knuckle throwback to late-'70s punk and even chalked up a Westword Music Showcase nomination along the way. No word yet on what Lamas has in store, but the rest of the band has drafted a new lead singer named Bill Gregory, written a bunch of new material, and is planning to make its debut sometime in August under a new name to be announced.

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