Rüfüs Du Sol: Farm-to-Table House Music

Rüfüs Du Sol has a love affair with Colorado. In the past five months, the band has played three venues and four shows in the Centennial State — including a two-night run last weekend at the Gothic Theatre. Besides frequenting Colorado to perform, Rüfüs has been busy this year. Since the release of second album Bloom, the band has gained momentum: performances at festivals such as Coachella and Lollapalooza, opening for Odesza at Red Rocks, and now a North American tour in which “sold out” accompanies nearly every stop listed. It’s surprising that Rüfüs even has time to eat.

“Smashed avocado on toast,” the bandmembers spit out nearly in unison when asked what food they miss from home. “Nowhere does it like they do in Australia.” Despite the craze not necessarily spreading to America (the band was quick to point out the pun), the members found hospitable food while in Denver. When recording their latest album, they developed an obsession for ping-pong, so when they're in town, Ace on East 17th Avenue is a hangout.

Food also plays an integral part in how the band thinks of itself. Rüfüs Du Sol mixes elements from many genres and utilizes both analog and digital instruments. It's difficult to find genres with which to classify the act, but when asked, the guys revert to an anecdote in which a friend once described their sound as "farm-to-table house music." They add that their music is on "the organic side of dancing" — but they also shy away from classification, because they feel that preconceived notions dilute what matters to Rüfüs Du Sol: the music.

The band is as zealous about playing in Denver as it is about avocado toast. “This is one of our favorite cities in America,” the musicians say. “We’ve always found [Denver audiences] such an open and accepting crowd that are with you from the first song and bring a lot of energy.” The group's performance on Saturday night had a sold-out crowd cheering at every pause.

Rüfüs was looking forward to playing the Vertex Music Festival in Buena Vista again this year, but the players were saddened to learn that they festival got axed: “It was one of the cooler, more stylized festivals, and it was a really cool crowd of people who were there for the music.” The band explained how they blew in and out of Buena Vista and were hoping to rent an RV to really enjoy the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. “For us, seeing deer is really rare, and they were on people's front lawns.” Vocalist Tyrone Lindqvist recalls his own excitement: “Look, there’s Bambi!”

But Rüfüs did get time to enjoy the mountains on this visit to Colorado. The trio spent a week in Breckenridge during one of its recent stays. “Disc golf is probably one of the best discoveries that we’ve made," the musicians agree.
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