Ranking the 2014 Wu-Tang Clan From Worst to Best

A week ago all nine of the surviving members of the Wu-Tang Clan returned on The Daily Show to premiere a new song from their upcoming album A Better Tomorrow. This was a bona fide, anti-cynicism Good Thing. We all love the Wu-Tang Clan, and any time they collectively decide to return to their art should always be met with the adulation it deserves.

That being said, we think it's high time for a reordering of Wu-Tang hierarchy. For years the narrative has been set in stone. Ghostface is the best, U-God is the worst, but it's been more than twenty years since '93. Careers often don't look the same after generational shifts and presidential administrations. Let's set the record straight and celebrate who actually earns celebration in 2014. These are the official, undisputed rankings of which Wu-Tang members have aged the best.

9. Cappadonna

Cappadonna's biggest claim to fame is being the biggest Wu-Tang Clan fan of all time, and we can't spite him too much for that. Let's move on.

8. GZA

Look, this hurts me as much as it hurts you, GZA is probably my all-time favorite member of the Wu, but let's face facts. Our man hasn't put out a good album in nearly a decade now. It's clear that GZA is entirely uninterested with rapping anymore. There's a reason he's been on this "I'm performing Liquid Swords in full" through every city in North America, some more than once. This list is about the members of the Wu-Tang who have transcended their origin stories and adapted into modern times effectively. If there's one member who seems comfortable to let his legacy lay where it stands, it's GZA. That's a bummer, because he's likely still one of the best rappers on the planet.

7. Method Man

The last major move Method Man made in a public setting was developing a line of e-cigarettes. Before that, it was getting arrested for tax evasion. Blackout 2 was fine. It was also released in 2009. Method Man seems pretty happy raking in that feature-verse money, and honestly, who could blame him. Is it disappointing that one of the weirdest members of the Wu is happy to fade into the background with a barrel of ASAP Mob money? Sure. Is it surprising? Not in the least. He's always been a businessman at heart.

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