Real Cosby Launched His Music Career by Settling Down With a Family

Paul Banker, aka electronic-music producer Real Cosby, is a homeowner. Not because his occasional live show and handful of EPs have made him any real money, but because he has a full-time job and a family and all the responsibilities associated with those things. While that same litany has been the downfall of so many emerging musicians, it's made Banker love music even more.

"I used to worry about shows a lot.... Now I have real problems, and shows are just fun," he says.

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Live shows also proved to be a driving factor in his most recent EP, titled Gold Braid. A Littleton native who returned to Denver from Chicago several years ago to be closer to family, Banker first emerged locally as the epitome of a bedroom producer: disconnected from any scene, making warm, ethereal electronic beats that were more contemplative than crowd-moving -- perfect headphone music. But the more he began connecting with other local artists (including DJ Babyshoe, with whom he co-founded Shoeboxx Records last year) and playing live, the more he realized he wanted to push himself further.

"I was playing out a lot more and wanting to make people move," says Banker. "It's a challenge to be more intentionally dance-y. I wanted to make an album that was ready for the live setting.... When I get to that part of the set, I can see the difference. It's still not where I would like it to be, but it's good."

And where would he like it to be?

"Just crazy."

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