Rebecca Folsom on cover of Women's Magazine

Boulder singer-songwriter, Rebecca Folsom, also one half of the duo known as Rhythm Angels, whose disc was reviewed in last week's issue, is slated to appear on the February cover of Women's Magazine, a publication based in the People's Republic that focuses on -- you guessed it -- women. Folsom and her husband Roger will be the focus of an article about untraditional love. In a classic case of good things happen to good people, this fortuitous opportunity presents itself on the heels of word that the songstress and her lovely Angels co-hort, Celeste Krenz, raised $2,400 for Blue Sky Bridge, an organziation geared towards ending child abuse through prevention and intervention, at their CD release party in Boulder last week. You can catch Folsom on Tuesday, February 10, at Boulder Dinner Theater, where she'll be performing in the round with Jock Bartley from Firefall and Chris Daniels.

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