Sherwood Webber on Denver Black Sky: "We don't want to become this gigantic metal fest"

If you're a metal fan, clear your calendar, because Denver Black Sky is a must-see. A brutal "boutique" metal fest at the Gothic Theatre this Saturday, December 14, it's made up of killer death metal, thrash and grindcore bands, easily one of the best lineups in recent memory. Easy to see why: It's being curated by lauded metal man Sherwood Webber, who is reconvening with his old band, Skinless, specifically for the occasion. Skinless, the brutal New York gore-metal favorite hasn't taken the stage since 2011 or released an album since the 2006 classic Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead. We spoke with Webber recently about the show and Skinless's reunion.

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Dan Snyder