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Soiled Dove Underground

Bird, bird, bird, the bird is the word. The Soiled Dove took flight from its longtime home on Market Street earlier this year, exchanging LoDo for the new-urbanist sprawl of Lowry. But beyond the fact that this venue is nested in the basement of the Tavern Lowry, located at 7401 East First Avenue, there's not much that's underground about the far-from-gritty Soiled Dove Underground. Both ventures are major undertakings for the Tavern Hospitality Group, headed by Frank Schultz and Terry Papay, that also runs the Tavern Downtown (in the former home of the Soiled Dove) and the Tavern Uptown.

At its grand opening last Saturday, the new Dove spread its wings wide for both local scenesters and residents of the massive planned community on the former Air Force base, who welcomed the long-anticipated live-entertainment club with open arms. Strong drinks kept the evening flowing as supergroup CTA (which stands for -- gag -- the California Transit Authority) fused whammy-bar prog-guitar solos with jammy-jam funk-lite groove. CTA -- comprising Chicago vet Danny Seraphim and some other dudes -- rocked back and forth to a packed house of fashionistas transplanted directly from LoDo, as well as the Lowry lite. Most of the serving staff seemed plucked from the local high school; imagine "My First Summer Job" crossed with the hilarity of that one season of Saved by the Bell when the whole gang found work at that snotty beach resort.

Although Lowry is a far cry from LoDo, the new location does offer several things that only money -- and space -- can buy: a state-of-the-art sound system, tiered seating and ample parking. "We built this from the ground up, and I made it exactly how I wanted it to be," says Schultz. "One of the biggest complaints I heard about the downtown location was the lack of parking, and now we have that problem solved."

With open asphalt stretching into the horizon, the Dove now needs to fill all those new parking spots with cars owned by music lovers. But Schultz isn't worried. "I'm a believer that if you have a good act, then people will come see it," he says. "I'm still in Denver. And for a lot of my customers, I'm actually easier to get to now. That's my psyche, anyway, and now I just have to prove it."

The online calendar of upcoming shows will be posted next week; already inked is a June 24 date with Glen Phillips of Toad the Wet Sprocket. And in the meantime, the Tavern Lowry is definitely open for business, serving pizza, beer and the same camaraderie that are a hallmark of the other two Taverns. Flock to for more information.

Swimclub 32 (3628 West 32nd Avenue) is definitely getting in the swim with live music, but last week's Club Scout hooked some incorrect information: Monday is devoted to the Daren Hahn Memorial Lounge, with Casey Sidwell, Greg Raymond and Daren Hahn, and KNOW Wednesdays has "distinctive guests," including Sidwell, Greg Harris and Matthew Bandy. The rest of the lineup remains as published: Tuesday is Latin Love Affair, with Bijoux Barbosa, Andy Nevala and Brian Dillon; Thursday is Dub Wise Chillout, with DJ Uplifter and the Dubwise Collective; and Saturday is Different Groove, with Timbuk. Fridays are devoted to the owners' twelve-inch collection, and the place is closed Sundays. Oh, and while Hahn's drumming resumé does mention the Reals and the Hate Fuck Trio, those groups do not play Swimclub. In fact, the Hate Fuck Trio now swims with the fishes.

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Tuyet Nguyen