South By Southwest 2010 preliminary list of performers announced

Ah, man, it's that time of year already? Time to start hearing all about how everybody's preparing their livers for South By Southwest, yada, yada, yada? Yep. Appears so. Even though it's still more than three months away, the shadow of Austin's annual booze and schmooze fest looms large. And since only 200 bands -- out of about six bajillion or so -- has been announced so far, there's not really much to talk about yet. Aside from A Shoreline Dream, the sole local band on the list thus far, there's not much that jumped out at us. That said, ahem, did we mention just how stupid fun it is to trek down to the Lonestar for a week of idyllic, never-winter weather (well, unless it's raining, which is has in the past), sinfully delicious barbecue and drinking your face off?

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