SXSW Travelogue: Wheelchair Sports Camp named among Top 25 essential hip-hop acts to catch at this year's SXSW by Boston Phoenix

Saturday, March 19

Good morning -- or should I say afternoon? -- from the beautiful city of Austin! SXSW has gotten crazier by the day, and the day has come for Wheelchair Sports Camp to tear the roof off of Austin at the legendary Red 7 venue! We were cited as one of the top 25 hip-hoppers to catch at SXSW this year by the Boston Phoenix ("Holy. Fucking. Shit. This. Is. Dope") and were nominated for the best band name in the "most offensive" category. :) Score!

If I could only blog to you all how excited we all are... you all would hop on the plane this second to get in on the adventure. Imagine the entire stretch of the 16 Street Mall with wall to wall venues filled with an international crowd exceeding the DNC -- without the politics, all for the love of music! SXSW has by far been the most AMAZING experience I have ever ever ever been invited to, and I have promised myself to make this a yearly birthday tradition. It seems like every night gets better, and it will be very hard to top our great time last night.

We have been playing on the street corner hustlin' for $ to help us with all the fees we have already paid and will continue to be paying for the incident that happened in Denton, and Austin has accepted us with amazing love. Believe it or not, we have made more money jamming on the street than we have at almost every show we've played back home! And just to clear things up from the last post, no one from the band was charged with graffiti in Denton. Only two members were charged for possession of marijuana, and I caught a paraphernalia ticket. Back home, we all have our medical licenses.

The amount of idols, role models, friends, and family we have come across this week has made this trip the best! Last night ended with a sawed-off shotgun bang when my Strange and Famous icon Sage Francis shouted out Wheelchair Sports Camp to an overpacked house, after spitting off the classic "Slow Down Gahndi." The show was over after the crowd demanded an encore, and B.Dolan represented "House of Bees" to finish the night.

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As you now know B.Dolan is my new brother, and can I tell you what a fine bodyguard he makes? The handsome fella has been rocking his Wheelchair Sports Camp official volunteer shirt since I traded him for his Legalize Trans shirt, and boy does he wear it well. He played such a fun BBQ early yesterday in the 'hood across the highway, and I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed the crack corner's offerings, hand shakes, shout outs, and drama.

We've been sharing hotels with the hometown Rhymesaying hero Grieves, and I had the chance to enjoy the Blueprint & Pharoe Monch show with him, where I also ran into my good bud Senim Silla of Binary Star. I was also able to catch up with Invincible of Detroit, who was first on my list to connect with this week, and I'll be checking out her showcase tonight at midnight. I cant tell you how excited I am! The other list topper was to get up with my favorite Canadian, Shad, and although the venue was completely inaccessible, the good fellow came down before his set to some show love and formally meet my new brother B. I mean wow!

Despite some amateur slip-ups on the road, this trip has made me realize what a small but amazing community real hip-hop is, and I still can't even fathom how I'm beginning to be welcomed to it... I owe most of the rest of my life to the Strange and Famous boys and can't wait to get home to keep the coffee grinding. Denver, sit the fuck down, unless you can stand the fuck up!! We run shit ;)

Wish us luck tonight,

T minus Katlyn - Kalyn

All week, various Denverites will be checking in from Austin with travelogues about their trip to SXSW this year. Read the various exploits of Brian Frederick, The Epilogues, A. Tom Collins, Danielle Ate the Sandwich, the Photo Atlas, Air Dubai, Take to the Oars and Wheelchair Sports Camp.

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