Teachers played backup for In the Whale and other Showcase Pre-Party highlights

The budding blossoms of summer were on full display at Stoney's last Friday evening. 'Twas a night for banishing the wintertime sads and celebrating the upcoming Westword Music Showcase. If you weren't there, here's the cool stuff you missed:

A mix of veterans and newcomers Have you been to Stoney's? Great bar. Hardwood floors. Not too many televisions -- the standard by which all bars not called Hooters should be judged. And plenty of space, too. So much so that the tattooed and stylish kiddos near the stage could be self-segregated from -- no joke -- a table filled with aristocratic stiffs who looked as though they'd decided to go slumming with the unwashed masses for a while. Good for the richies! Next time, may they get themselves to the dance floor.

A bucket of poo. Not really. That'd be unsanitary. To clarify: That was a lyric I misheard from the vocal cords of Science Partner lead singer Tyler Despres. It was, in fact, "Drink a bucket of booze and call it a day." Will do.

Whatever it's a bucket of, the song is a good one, and Science Partner deserves all the love you can give. What does the band sound like, though? Science Partner sounds like smooth honey-infused whiskey over two large ice cubes. There's a timelessness about the band. It's rock music. Lots of sunny major chords and lyrics about love. (Not buckets of poo.)

Gyrating school teachers. In the Whale was -- on Friday night, anyway -- the best band I'd heard in the few hours since I'd worked out while listening to AC/DC's Highway to Hell. These guys play some seriously fun music and are the best/worst self-promoters ever. They were selling koozies screenprinted with the words "Eat Shit and Die," and their website address is inthewhalesucks.com.

Anyway, the gyrating teachers: Apparently some school teachers had just passed their exams and are now bona fide government wage slaves, and to celebrate, In the Whale (Nate Valdez and Eric Riley) invited them on stage to play cowbells and shake tambourines. And they did!

A taste of the funtime chills you're going to feel upon witnessing the Westword Music Showcase. When asked about how he was preparing for Science Partner's upcoming gig at the showcase (12:45 at Krewe), Despres said, "Pilates and red meat. A lot of drinking and partying."

And here's a bunch more information about the Westword Music Showcase: -The 36 best songs you might hear on the main stage at this year's Westword Music Showcase -The 2014 Westword Music Awards nominees -The people of Westword Music Showcase 2013 -Ticket page for this year's Showcase

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