Experimental Acts Play the Church at the Westword Music Showcase
Brandon Marshall

Experimental Acts Play the Church at the Westword Music Showcase

In the renovated hall of an actual church founded in 1889, the Denver club known as the Church specializes in a more experimental style of nightlife, with genres ranging from EDM and trance to drone, goth and industrial.

The club hosts several weekly events, including a DJ night called Ritual Fridays, Latin Night on Saturdays, and SIN Sundays, a night of retro goth, industrial and dark techno. The Church's unique vibe has made the club a staple of Denver's scene for more than twenty years and earned it a spot on DJ magazine's list of the ten best clubs in America.

On June 24, the Church will showcase music from some of Denver's best experimental acts, including Voight, Pythian Whispers, Altas, Midwife, Orbit Service, Milk Blossoms and deCollage. See below for the list of set times.



Pythian Whispers


Orbit Service

Milk Blossoms


Be sure to check out Denver's experimental music scene at the Church, 1160 Lincoln Street, during this year's Westword Music Showcase, Saturday, June 24. Find tickets and more info here.

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