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The Heyday reaches out to fans to fund new record

Taking a page from the playbook of bands like the Czar's and Cracker, the Heyday is appealing to the fans to finance its next record. Rather than relying on a corporate sugar daddy, they group has launched a fund raising campaign calledAlong for the Ride. So far, says bassist Peter Wynn, the response has been impressive -- the band has already raised almost half of the initial $10,000 goal.

"The response has been interesting," Wynn says. "We didn't intend for this to fund the entire thing, but we figured we would just kind of use this and see how far it went. So far its been good."

The plan is to record the new EP later this Spring at the Blasting Room with Christopher Jak once again manning the board. The band's been working on songs for a while, and hopes to record at least six songs for the EP, and a handful of others, including a yet to be determined cover, for release as bonus material.

In the meantime, fans can choose how much they wish to donate via a dedicated page on the band's site. Actually, donate probably isn't quite the right word -- it's more like a presale/fan service package where you pay early to get a sweetheart deal. For example, the lowest tier is as little as $5, which nets them not only a download of the new EP when it's done, but also the first album.

"If somebody's going to buy it anyway, right now if you donate $5, you get the new one and the old one," Wynn explains. "You're already getting more anyway."

From there, it gets more interesting the more fans want to put up -- signed albums and posters, bonus downloads, your name in the liner notes, even a private show at your house are up for grabs.

"I think if there's one thing I've learned watching MTV and all that bullshit," says Wynn, "is there are people out there with a ridiculous amount of disposable income. And if they want us to come out to play their birthday party, we thought we should have that option."

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