The Normal Ones Really Aren't

Thanks to the power of online networking, I recently reconnected with someone I worked with in the corporate world, way back in the mid '90s. In those days, I was drawn to Jahnavi Stenflo because she had an iconoclastic personal style that allowed her to wear her artist's soul on her sleeve, almost literally. Today, as it turns out, she is one half of the Normal Ones, a Boulder-based experimental electronic duo that creates three-dimensional sonic compositions, using six-channel surround sound.

Stenflo's collaborator in the Normal Ones is Nathan Jantz, a veteran of the electronic music scene who co-founded Multicast, the electronic/acoustic improvisational outfit, and also helped start Obliq Recordings. Jantz has played pretty much every flavor of electronic music you can imagine, but the abstract, spatial compositions he creates with Stenflo chart new territory. Check out recordings on the pair's website, or visit them on MySpace to get a flavor for their style.

Remember, however, that the Normal Ones are meant to be heard live, with the listener positioned in the midst of the duo's surround sound setup, which turns the music into a kind of sonic sculpture. You can experience this for yourself at the Fiske Planetarium on the CU campus on February 21, or catch the pair as they light up the opening of the Communikey Festival of Electronic Arts, which invades Boulder on Earth Day Weekend, April 17-19.

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