The Overcasters slated to record with Black Rebel Motorcyle Club and Von Bondies producer

File this item under awesome: Just received word that the Overcasters will be heading to Hollywood this May to record their next record with Rick Parker, whose impressive resume includes production on albums by the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, the Von Bondies and GLISS, among others.

The Overcasters frontman Kurt Ottaway is understandably stoked for the chance to work with Parker. "This is the first time I've ever put it in somebody else's hands," he says, "and I'm excited about the opportunity. I've learned everything I can learn in the home studio. This guy is the real deal for us and this BRMC records sound fabulous. Pretty excited."

The opportunity presented itself after Ottaway and Parker exchanged e-mails through MySpace and the latter expressed how much he loves the Overcasters sound. For his part, Ottaway was sold after hearing a single from GLISS on a comp he picked up at last year's South By Southwest.

"Our ears perked up," says Ottaway. "We're sensitive to whats around us production wise, and everytime we heard something we liked, his name was attached to it.

Clearly the admiration was mutual.

"Rick took a little bit of time to listen to our songs and called us," Ottaway goes on. "We talked about projects that he'd done and how he got some of the sounds. He told us he knew exactly what do for us. He mentioned the new Lower Heaven album that he did and after hearing it, it was apparent we were on the right track."

The band is slated to spend a week in California tracking with Parker. Considering how excellent the outfit's last album sounded, we can hardly wait to hear what working with produces.

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