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The Rex Lounge becomes part of Platte Valley royalty

Today there are building projects all over the place, but back in the '80s, the area behind Coors Field felt like some kind of bizarre wasteland. There was no Coors Field, of course, and you had to really work to find the original Tracks or the old Skyline Cafe (which burned down in 2000).

While it's only a stone's throw from LoDo, the Platte Valley still feels disconnected from downtown. That could be why it took a while for me to learn that the White House Lounge, which had taken over the space at 2936 Fox Street that was once home to the Foxhole, had become the Rex Lounge. While the Rex's interior feels almost like a Mexican restaurant, its main attraction is the enormous patio, which can easily hold a few hundred people. There's also a decent-sized stage where bands play on the weekends, set up on the corner of the patio that faces Coors Field.

The Get Down folks, who used to hold court at Owsley's Golden Road (2151 Lawrence Street), just moved their Wednesday-night hip-hop parties to the Rex. Last week, a few DJs were getting the party started by spinning old-school soul and funk like Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Kool & the Gang and Carl Carlton.

But that didn't deter the guy who was explaining the rules of Cornhole, which I thought was a game that just involves throwing little bean bags into a hole about twenty feet away. Apparently, it's a lot more complex. My girl and I were having a few beers on the patio, listening to the music and this guy describe how the game was scored, and even after his lengthy explanation, we were still confused. The dude was obviously serious about his Cornhole; hell, there's even an American Cornhole Association that holds tournaments.

I'll be back at the Rex for a round.

Club scout: Big Johnson Entertainment is celebrating its fourth anniversary with the Electronic Casino on Saturday, July 11, at the Grand Paladium Event Center (1300 West 62nd Avenue). London-based drum-and-bass DJ Cause 4 Concern headlines the event with DJ Swamp, Reid Speed, Trash Yourself, Zita, Rebecca Sin and quite a few local DJs; there will be casino-style games with chances to win CDs, T-shirts and VIP passes to Big Johnson's next bash. The event, which is all-ages but over 21 to drink, kicks off at 7 p.m. and runs until 4 a.m.

Orange Peel Moses hosts the Carnevale Dell' Arte Grottesca at Mario's Double Daughter's Salotto (1632 Market Street) on Wednesday, July 15. DJs Digital Jacq, Sound Advice, DJ Awake and Greg Campbell will be at the decks, and they'll be serving $2 High Lifes, $4 Jäger shots and $5 Jäger and Red Bulls.

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