The ten best Street Fighter character theme songs

Tomorrow marks the release of Super Street Fighter IV, which is an exciting moment for any fighting game fan. It probably doesn't seem like much to normal human beings, but after the success of the absolutely awesome Street Fighter IV, it's hard not to get our hadouken's in a twist in excitement. Either way, there is no denying the Street Fighter series takes its music seriously. We decided to take a look back at our ten favorite character theme songs, all of which are included below.

10. El Fuerte (Street Fighter IV): We're usually a bit weary of the new characters in Street Fighter games, but with a character as ridiculous as El Fuerte, we were especially pessimistic. When we heard his awesome theme song we changed our minds pretty quickly.

9. Felicia (Super Puzzle Fighter 2): Okay, this one's not exactly Street Fighter, but it's connected enough. It might just be the Sonic the Hedgehog-esque bass riff, but we can't help but bob our heads in happiness to this tune. If nothing else this one is sure to annoy the hell out of the cat.

8. Megaman (Marvel vs Capcom): Combine two of our favorite series' into one song and you're sure to get a winner. Megaman funk with the epicness of Street Fighter? Score.

7. Dan (Street Fighter Alpha 2): We have a soft spot in our heart for Dan. Granted, he's a fool, a goof and impossible to play, but he's got this great Miami Vice-esque jam to make up for it.

6. Adon (Street Fighter Alpha - Game Boy): We remember this one sounding a little bit better, but there is a certain charm to the ultra-fast and super-blippy music the Game Boy was capable of making. Adon's theme is no different.

5. Zangief (Street Fighter II): We love Zangief because he has awesome chest hair. Oh, and he's got a slew of awesome theme songs, which made picking our favorite difficult. We picked Street Fighter II probably because of nostalgia, but it's a solid tune nonetheless.

4. Ryu (Street Fighter IV): There is hardly a more epic song in the Street Fighter universe than the one used for Ryu in Street Fighter IV. Hell, this is probably one of the most epic songs in any video game ever.

3. Cammy (Street Fighter Alpha 3): It's probably a sign of the times, but Cammy's theme in Street Fighter 3 Alpha is one of our favorites for its love of dance and disco. It might sound a bit cliché, but it's still awesome nonetheless.

2. Yun and Yang (Street Fighter III 3rd Strike): Sure it cops the James Bond theme song, but mixing that together with a weird martial arts b-movie vibe, and you get one of the best songs in Street Fighter's history.

1. Ken (Street Fighter II): Call it nostalgia if you want, but this is easily the most recognizable and evocative songs in the Street Fighter universe. It brings up images of sticky arcade floors, soda pop and pockets full of quarters.

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Thorin Klosowski
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