The top five mascot dances

The Phillie Phanatic -- one of the more epic mascots in professional sports, maybe because it's a shaggy fat muppet -- outdid him/herself at a recent game, donning the Lady Gaga head-to-toe red gauze outfit. Cue "Bad Romance" and the rest ... well, you can see the video.

The clip has been making the rounds, and even if the Nat's third base coach Pat Listach wasn't laughing, we are. But was it one of the five best mascot dances since Youtube started memorializing such things? We'll let you decide.

05. Dinger does the splits but shouldn't have
Hometown bias? Sure, but you have to admire a mascot who's willing to strain a groin muscle and get back on that clubhouse for a little moonwalk meets The Exorcist. Probably best to just kill the volume on this one.

04. Benny the Bull is not as pretty as Beyonce
But that doesn't stop him from doing a piece of the "Single Ladies" dance about a foot from Jay-Z and Diddy. So it's short, and he steps off once it becomes apparent that they aren't fans, but still: Fuzzy suit or no, pretty sure we wouldn't have the balls for that.

03. Phillie Phanatic does "Bad Romance"
Yeah, you just saw it, but we fell it's appropriate to post this twice. Note the subtle detail this time -- the blonde curls coming out of the crown, the second attempted ass grab on Listach ... just a command performance.

2. At least the mascots can dance
The Rays and Orioles suck, but damn can their mascots shake it. It seems like the bird in a walk, but then Raymond struts his stuff. Actually, it's a her in there -- Kelly Frank became a bit of a story when she was fired from the gig for undisclosed reasons. Good luck to her successor -- that's a whole lot of ass to shake.

1. Bouncing globe badass
If you do a Google search for "Best Mascot Dance," this one is the first approximately 400 hits. For good reason: It's a roar-inducing dance even before whoever's in there wiggles 180 degrees and does some head bouncing. Then there's the headbutt of the referee at the end. We're guessing the mascot did not realize he was going to lay the man on the deck. Not sure where exactly this happened, but that's the Harlem Globetrotters mascot, for what it's worth.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.