This Just In: Former Lipgloss co-founder launches new monthly at Paris Wine Bar

Retired Lipgloss resident and co-founder Tyler Jacobson is launching a brand new night at Paris Wine Bar (1549 Platte Street) called Split, a name chosen presumably as nod to yet another bygone Brit band. The new monthly, which kicks off on Saturday, February 20, will be helmed by Jacobson and his Danger Radio co-host Jake Ryan.

Disillusioned by the turn towards autotuned electro tracks of this current era, Jacobson and Ryan have created this new night specifically with the discriminating listener in mind. In Jacobson's typical outspoken fashion, he notes that the new night isn't meant to be a party for sheeple (he says people, but from the sound of his rant, we think he means sheeple) "graduating from Radio Disney," as he puts it. "We don't want to be responsible for filling the dancefloor if the dancefloor is filled with Timberlake and Metro Station fans."

As far as the venue, Jacobson chose Paris because of his personal history with the coffee house its attached to and points to Platte street as a "cultural epicenter" that goes back to the Beat-era and promises to carry the torch. In the interim, you can catch Jacobson with DJ Tower at ZOMG at Milk Bar tomorrow night and monthly at Mile High Soul Club at Shag Lounge.

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