The Verve's Forth outsold the rest.

Verve, Slipknot nab top spots on Twist & Shout's top-sellers list

If you're looking to load up on new music but aren't sure where to allocate your hard-earned coin, try polling your peers with Twist & Shout's most-recent top-sellers' list, for the week ending 8/31/08.

1. Verve Forth 2. SlipknotAll Hope Is Gone 3. JJ Grey/MofroOrange Blossoms 4. ColdplayViva La Vida 5. BeckModern Guilt 6. FlobotsFight With Tools (local) 7. Conor OberstConor Oberst 8. GameLAX 9. WalkmenYou & Me 10. Sigur RosMed Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum End

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