Warlock Pinchers DVD due out next month

We first got a glimpse of the upcoming Warlock Pinchers film a few months ago. At the time, we weren't entirely certain when it would arrive. Now we know: Just in time for the Warlock Pinchers New Year's Eve show at the Gothic Theatre, Eyeosaur Productions is slated to release the film, culled from footage shot at the Pinchers' reunion shows this past August, with plenty of footage of backstage shenanigans.

"A lot of fans were generous enough to contribute footage, which took some time to get," says Eyeosaur's Kim Shively. "I wouldn't say it's a documentary, but it's not a concert film, either. More of a combination of the two."

"We recorded twenty tracks of digital audio at each show," says Pincher Andrew Novick, "and multiple cameras were shooting HD video both nights [of the reunion shows]." While Eyeosaur handled the video editing and the Pinchers handled the rock, Bob Ferbrache [Absinthe Studio] handled the audio mixing, and Rob Innes Hislop took care of the live recordings.

If the above teaser is any indication, we'll be in for one hell of a treat, or at the very least a clip of Josh Taylor eating one.

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