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Westword Music Showcase Taking a Break in 2023

We've hosted the fest in LoDo, the Golden Triangle and RiNo. What's next?
The Westword Music Showcase started in LoDo, moved to the Golden Triangle, then landed in RiNo. Where to next?
The Westword Music Showcase started in LoDo, moved to the Golden Triangle, then landed in RiNo. Where to next? Westword
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Back in 1995, the Colorado Rockies were just finishing up their first season at Coors Field when we got in the game with the Westword Music Showcase. On one October night, we filled a handful of venues in LoDo with dozens of local bands for the first-ever Westword Music Showcase (with tickets a whopping five bucks). Ever since Westword published its first issue in September 1977, we’d always offered comprehensive coverage of the music scene in the free weekly issues and had even sponsored shows, but this was the first major musical event we’d produced.

And it wouldn’t be the last. The Showcase went back to LoDo the next year, adding more venues and an outdoor stage. It returned the next year, and the next. But like the Showcase, that neighborhood was growing, and ultimately could no longer accommodate the event. So we moved it to the Golden Triangle, where it expanded, with more local bands in venues around the neighborhood and national acts on first one, then two stages. The Westword Music Showcase was the party of the year — but ultimately, it outgrew that rapidly developing neighborhood, too. So we moved the Showcase to the RiNo Art District and expanded it to two days. The first night was packed with free performances by Denver’s best local bands at venues around the neighborhood; the next day, hot national acts would fill multiple stages outside the Mission Ballroom, attracting thousands of fans, rain or shine.

It was fun while it lasted...two years, to be precise. But while the Westword Music Showcase survived COVID, it’s been hit hard by Denver’s explosive growth, which has swallowed up every parking lot and vacant field where we could host a big music festival. So this summer, we’re putting the Showcase on hold as we regroup, strategizing how best to serve the local music community — bands, promoters and fans alike.

In the meantime, Westword will present other events, including the inaugural Out to Brunch on June 10 and Tacolandia, our tribute to tacos returning to Civic Center Park on August 19. And we'll continue our music coverage, which has only become more comprehensive, with daily stories on the local scene not just on westword.com, but on TikTok, Instagram and more.

The show must go on...but how and where? For inspiration, look below to see the hundreds of acts that have played the Westword Music Showcase since 1995. And to all the musicians, venues and sponsors who made those events possible, our heartfelt thanks.

AOA, The Apples, Brethren Fast, Chris and Maggie, The Denver Gentlemen, D-Town Brown, Janet Feder, ’57 Lesbian, Mary Flower, Foreskin 500, Gladhand, Groove Kitchen, The Healers, Hillbilly Hellcats, Sherri Jackson, Judge Roughneck, Johnny Long, Lord of Word & the Disciples of Bass, Meanface, Ron Miles, Hazel Miller & the Caucasians, Stanley Milton’s Mean Streak, Psychodelic Zombiez, Sick, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, Smokin’ Uncle Rumley and the Pork-Boilin’ Po’ Boys, Sugar Bear, Sweetwater Well, Sympathy F, The Throttlemen, The ’Vengers

Johnny Long, Chitlin, Eric Gunnison, Laughing Hands, Fatwater, Furious George and the Monster Groove, Celeste Krenz, Dalhart Imperials, Sympathy F, Monkey Siren, Brethren Fast, String Cheese Incident, Hazel Miller, The Spuddnicks, Chaos Theory, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, Sponge Kingdom, Sweetwater Well, Teresita Molina y Su Grupo, Roots Revolt, The Alleygators, Baldo Rex, Hate Fuck Trio, The Perry Weissman 3, Jux County, The Apples, Kizumba, Munly, Judge Roughneck, Art Lande, Boss 302, Jetredball, Lord of Word & the Disciples of Bass, The La Donnas, Space Team Electra, Nueva Imagen, Sherri Jackson, The ’Vengers, Foreskin 500

Stewart Lewis, Ngoma, Sweetwater Well, Chaos Theory, Tony Furtado, Conjunto Colores, Dotsero, Stanley Milton’s Mean Streak, Pete Nalty and the Jinns, Marty Jones & the Pork Boilin’ Poor Boys, Apostle, The Czars, The Foggy Mountain Fuckers, The Healers, Wendy Woo, The Galactix, Lonesome Dan Kase, Universo Dos, Kingdom, Space Team Electra, Brethren Fast, Hamster Theatre, Electric Summer, Opie Gone Bad, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, The Hillbilly Hellcats, Old Bull’s Needle, Boss 302, Hate Fuck Trio, Hazel Miller & the Caucasians, Laura Newman and AOA, Preacherman & the Congregation, Skull Flux, Beth Quist, The Throttlemen, Petrol Apathy, Lord of Word & the Disciples of Bass, Blister, Judge Roughneck, The Minders, Psychodelic Zombiez

The Flood Plain Gang, Steve Crenshaw, Money Plays 8, Wailer B. and Axiom, Matthew Moon, The 8-Bucks Experiment, Marty Jones & the Pork-Boilin’ Poor Boys, Yo, Flaco!, Adrian Romero and Love Supreme, Mary Flower, Nyke Loc, Lionel Young, Skull Flux, The Healers, Wendy Woo, Chris Daniels & the Kings, Conjunto Colores, Zeut, Tony Furtado, Celeste Krenz, The Shaken Martinis, The Perry Weissman 3, Blister, Hazel Miller, Concentrated Evil, Chill, The Hillbilly Hellcats, David Booker, Electric Summer, Kingdom, Latin Crossover, Paul Galaxy and the Galactix, Sick, Judge Roughneck, Brethren Fast, Hate Fuck Trio

Hate Fuck Trio, Money Plays 8, The Third Degree, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, Kingdom, Judge Roughneck, David Booker, United Dope Front, Chupacabra, Paul Galaxy and the Galactix, Carolyn’s Mother, Lannie Garrett, Conjunto Colores, Wendy Woo, Opie Gone Bad, Brethren Fast, Matthew Moon, The LaDonnas, The Dalhart Imperials, Hazel Miller, Chris Daniels & the Kings, The 32-20 Jug Band, The Kalamath Brothers, Space Team Electra, Rainbow Sugar, Acrobat Down

Laura Newman and AOA, Pure Drama, The Indulgers, Hazel Miller, Opie Gone Bad, King Rat, DJ Skunk, Yo, Flaco!, Rainbow Sugar, The Third Degree, Miss Audry, Blister 66, Brethren Fast, Ratiocination, Marty Jones & the Pork Boilin’ Poor Boys, Dotsero, The Hillbilly Hellcats, David Booker & the Swingtet, Space Team Electra, The Down-N-Outs, Vitamin D, Apostle, Munly, Sarina Simoom, DJ Ivy, Matthew Moon, Hugh Ragin, The Kalamath Brothers, The Perry Weissman 3, Otis Taylor, The Czars, Wendy Woo

Mr. Tree & the Wingnuts, Open Road, Tinker’s Punishment, Lannie Garrett, Leftover Salmon, Erica Brown Band, Cherry Bomb Club, Marty Jones & the Pork-Boilin’ Poor Boys, Nina Storey, Yo, Flaco!, Rachel & Andy, Orangu-Tones, Mr. David Booker & the Swingtet, Eric Shively, Rocket Ajax, Tarantella, Fred Hess Group/Boulder Creative Music Ensemble, Apostle, Otis Taylor, DeVotchka, The Volts, Maraca 5-0, Ryan Tracy Band, Burn Circuit, Ngoma

Marcy Baruch, Blister 66, Buckner Funken Jazz, Cabaret Diosa, Chris Daniels & the Kings, DeVotchKa, Dialektix, E Lab, Hemi Cuda, Jet Black Joy, King Rat, Little Mary Band/New Hometown Boogie Kings, Mr. Pacman, Phantom Trigger, The Procussions, PW3, Rachel’s Playpen, The Railbenders, Space Team Electra, The Tarmints, Tinker’s Punishment, Halden Wofford & the Hi-Beams, Wendy Woo, Xiren

Mark Farina, Guided by Voices, Particle, Mary Beth Abella, Accidental Superhero, Against Tomorrow’s Sky, Cephalic Carnage, The Czars, Dearly Beloved, D.O.R.K., Dressy Bessy, Floorfillerz: DJ Vitamin D and Sean Biddle, Ground Zero Movement, Heavyweight Dub Champion, Ion, DJ Ivy, Marty Jones & the Pork-Boilin’ Poor Boys, Love .45, Ron Miles, The Motet, Planes Mistaken for Stars, Project 12:01, The Railbenders, Rainville, Sista D, Sons of Armageddon, Nina Storey, Switchpin, Otis Taylor, The Tongues, Voices Underwater, Wendy Woo, Wovenhand

Violent Femmes, Josh Wink, Antik, Apostle, Black Pegasus, Bop Skizzum, Break Mechanics, Bright Channel, Buckskin Stallion, Cephalic Carnage, Chronophonic, Crispy Critters, Dave Cieri & the Arms and Legs Quartet, DJ Bedz, DJ Cysko Rokwel, DJ Idiom, DJ Ivy, DJ Nutmeg, DJ Sara T, DJ Shake, DJ Vajra, DJ Wyatt Earp, The Dojo, Drug Under, Erica Brown Band, The Fray, Future Jazz Project, The Gamits, George & Caplin, Ground Zero Movement, Hemi Cuda, Ion, Love .45, Magic Cyclops, The Motet, My Calculus Beats Your Algebra, Plastic Parachute, The Reals, Red Cloud, Jack Redell, Reverend Deadeye, Rogue, Rose Hill Drive, The Royal We, Rubber Planet, Eric Shively, The Swayback, Tyfoid Mary, Wendy Woo, Victoria Woodworth, Yo, Flaco!

Mark Farina, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Tyler Jacobson, Melissa Ivey, DJ Sara T, Hot IQs, White Girl Lust, Matson Jones, DJ Big Al, Love.45, DJ Michael Trundle, Rose Hill Drive, Polytoxic, Spiv, Bop Skizzum, Aubrey Collins, Funkiphino, Judge Roughneck, Rubber Planet, Aaron Hobbs, Reverend Deadeye, Born in the Flood, The Swayback, Starfuzz, Red Cloud, Oakhurst, Victoria Woodworth, Roger Green, Joshua Novak, Buckwild, National Blues Arsenal, Under the Drone, King Rat, Love Me Destroyer, Black Lamb, Ion, Rachel Simring, Eddie Turner, Erica Brown Band, Jill Watkins, Future Jazz Project, DJ Mier, Ground Zero Movement, DJ Low Key, Break Mechanics, DJ Psycho, The Mercury Project, DJ Chonz, Yo, Flaco!, DJ Bedz, Q-Burse, DJ Thought, Mane Rok, DJ Idiom, Dent, DJ Shake, Rraahh Foundation, DJ Cysko Rokwel, Life Crew, DJ Vajra, DJ Miss Audry, DJ Wyatt Earp, DJ Ivy, DJ Ty Tek

Arrested Development, Flobots, Railbenders, Erica Brown Band, Love.45, Born in the Flood, Yo, Flaco!, Three Miles West, Buckwild, Reverend Deadeye, Two Cent Redemption, Drag the River, Ghost Buffalo, Munly & the Lee Lewis Harlots, Polytoxic, Peace Officer, 12 Cents for Marvin, Opie Gone Bad, Bop Skizzum, Harmonious Junk, Electric Side Dish, P-Nuckle, Savage Henry, Redline Defiance, Starfuzz, Rubber Planet, White Water Ramble, Potcheen, Mr. Pacman, Machine Gun Blues, Meese, Laylights, The Swayback, Hot IQs, The Photo Atlas, DJ Lazy Eyes, DJ Vajra, Mane Rok, Dent, Black Pegasus, Future Jazz Project, Five Style Fist, Ten Tiers, Zack Nichols, Joshua Novak, John Common, Melissa Ivey, Angie Stevens, Michael Trundle, Peter Black, Friends in Stereo, Josh Ivy, The Swanks, Under the Drone, Valiomierda, Love Me Destroyer, King Rat, Drug Under, Ion, Jill Watkins Band, Tempa & the Tantrums, Funkiphino, Freak Street Project, Kirwan Brown Experience, The Sputter, Cocktail Revolution

Dinosaur Jr, Lucero, Nathan & Stephen, Machine Gun Blues, Planes Mistaken for Stars, The Swayback, Born in the Flood, DJ Wesley Wayne, DJ Michael Trundle, Forged in Violet, Scaffolding, CacheFlowe, George & Caplin, The Life There Is, Constellations, Nightshark, Rachael Pollard, Roger Green, Ghost Buffalo, Cowboy Curse, Cat-a-Tat, Laylights, The Omens, Ivy, Michael Trundle, Sara T., Wesley Wayne, Bop Skizzum, Judge Roughneck, Savage Henry, U.S. Pipe & the Balls Johnson Dance Machine, The Haggardies, P-Nuckle, Potcheen, The Hollyfelds, Nathaniel Rateliff (The Wheel), Bela Karoli, Erin Roberts (Porlolo), Joshua Novak, Ian Cooke, Gregory Alan Isakov, Willie Houston & the Blues Prowlers, Tempa & the Tantrums, 9th + Lincoln Orchestra, Greg Harris Vibe Quintet, The Bottesini Project, Ron Miles Quartet, Zack Nichols, Oakhurst, Zebra Junction, Something Underground, Tifah Al-Attas, The Trampolines, Ten Cent Redemption, DJ Bedz, DJ Chonz, DJ Vajra, Future Jazz Project, Distrakt, Dent, Flobots, The Pirate Signal, Action Friend, The Skivies, Yerkish, King Rat, Black Lamb, Love Me Destroyer

Drive-By Truckers, Ra Ra Riot, Born in the Flood, The Swayback, Laylights, The Heyday, The Chain Gang of 1974, Home, Filthy Children, Meniskus, Something Underground, Set Forth, Potcheen, Savage Henry, P-Nuckle, Kinetix, A Shoreline Dream, Astrophagus, Overcasters, Widowers, Astra Moveo, Red Orange Yellow, Cat-a-Tac, Hot IQs, Hearts of Palm, Ichiban, F.O.E., Dent, Spoke In Wordz, Debajo del Agua, Infinite Mindz, 3 the Hardway, ManeLine, Unconscious, Speak In Vowels, Vices I Admire, The Epilogues, Black Lamb, Ghost Buffalo, Autokinoton, The Knew, American Relay, Bad Luck City, Tim Pourbaix, Jen Korte, Tifah Al-Attas, George Inai, Jessica Sonner, Wrist Deep Comedy Showcase, Dan Craig, Angie Stevens, Rachael Pollard, The Wheel, The Hollyfelds, [Die] Pilot, Achille Lauro, Hello Kavita, Paper Bird, Ian Cooke, Bela Karoli, Jason Vigil, Rob Drabkin, Reed Foehl, Joshua Novak, Gregory Alan Isakov, John Common, Tito Del Barrio Malaga, Greg Harris, 29th St. Disciples, Red Stinger, No Plot Kill, Lyin’ Bitch & the Restraining Orders, Spools of Dark Thread, No Fair Fights, Horse, To Be Eaten, Conspiracy Assassin, Immortal Dominion, Brian Howe, Matthew Orloff, Ivy, DJ Soup, El Brian, Wesley Wayne, Michael Trundle

Built to Spill, Cursive, The Fluid, Meese, The Chain Gang of 1974, The Pirate Signal, The Northern Way, A Place to Bury Strangers, The Alan Baird Project, Life in Electric, Speakeasy, Tiger, Aloft in the Sundry, The Epilogues, The Rouge, Strange Condition, Six Months to Live, The Magic Mice, The Still City, Alan Alda, The Knew, The Swayback, Everything Absent or Distorted (A Love Story), The Culhanes, Buckner Funken Jazz, The Hollyfelds, The Informants, Ninth + Lincoln Orchestra, Aakash Mittal Quartet, Greg Harris Vibe Quintet, DJ Tyler Jacobson, Satan’s Eighties Lovechild, DJ Wesley Wayne, DJ Soup, DJ Dragon, Paul Garcia, Ivy, Elin Palmer, Astrophagus, Houses, Hello Kavita, Achille Lauro, BDRMPPL: CacheFlowe, Iuengliss, Josephine & the Mousepeople, Married in Berdichev, Pictureplane, Slight Harp, Bela Karoli, Git Some, Red Stinger, Outta Controllers, Primasonic, Boldtype, No Plot Kill, Reno Divorce, Lyin’ Bitch and the Restraining Orders, Andrea Ball, Jen Korte, Joshua Novak, Tyler Despres, Ian Cooke, Ellison Park, John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light, Yerkish, Wetlands, Action Packed Thrill Ride, Boulder Acoustic Society, Something Underground, Demon Funkies, Roe, Ideal Fathers, Gangcharger, Overcasters, Lion Sized, Eyes & Ears, The Photo Atlas, Young Coyotes, Havok, Spare the Legion, Black Lamb, Enemy Reign, Adai, Tauntaun, To Be Eaten, Fresh Breath Committee, F.O.E., Whygee, Dent, reMINDers, ManeLine, 3 the Hardway

Ghostland Observatory, Superchunk, Boombox, Dirty Projectors, Neon Indian, Single File, Tickle Me Pink, Oh My Stars, Varlet ft. Lilly Scott, Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights, The Outfit, Night of Joy, King for a Day, Stella Luce, Candy Claws, Jonathan and Bpro, Cobraconda, Flashbulb Fires, Achille Lauro, Danielle Ate the Sandwich, Ian Cooke, Hello Kavita, John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light, Snake Rattle Rattle Snake, Fierce Bad Rabbit, The Foot., Kinetix, Air Dubai, The Pirate Signal, The Chain Gang of 1974, Kill Paradise, Mike Marchant, Houses, Blue Million Miles, Gangcharger, Overcasters, Fell, Jim McTurnan and the Kids That Killed the Man, The Construct, No Bueno!, Lola Black, No Plot Kill, Frontside Five, Lyin’ Bitch & the Restraining Orders, King Rat, Le Divorce, The Don’ts and Be Carefuls, Ideal Fathers, Accordion Crimes, Lion Sized, The Still City, The Knew, Alert, Peter Black, Klaw, MU$A, boyhollow, Ginger Perry, Fresh2Death, Tin Horn Prayer, Boulder Acoustic Society, Marty Jones & the Great Unknowns, The Kory Bronson Band, Casey James Prestwood & the Burning Angels, Shel, Bill McKay Band, Nautical Mile, Aloft in the Sundry, Life in Electric, The Northern Way, P-Nuckle, Skyfox, The Epilogues, A. Tom Collins, Magic Cyclops, Eleanor, Churchill, Astrophagus, Married in Berdichev, Pictureplane, Petals of Spain, Bop Skizzum, Peace Officer, Bigwheel Electrosoul, MTHDS, No 1 Left Standing, Potcheen, F.O.E., Mane Rok, Extra Kool, Spoke In Wordz, DJ Chonz, American Trash Republic, 3 the Hardway, The Foodchain, Fresh Breath Committee, DJ Vajra, The Mighty 18 Wheeler, Yerkish, Kingdom of Magic, Git Some, IAMTHESHOTGUN, Allegaeon, Tauntaun, The Delta Sonics, The Informants, Greg Harris Vibe Quintet, Matt Skellenger, Bottesini Project, Purnell Steen & Le Jazz Machine, Michael Ray Blues Jam ft. Boa & the Constrictors

Chromeo, Yo La Tengo, Del the Funky Homosapien, Young the Giant, The Sword, Murder by Death, Ume, The Epilogues, Sauna, Safe Boating Is No Accident, Vitamins, The Kissing Party, Amazing Twin, Hindershot, Lil Slugger, Night of Joy, Hot White, Hideous Men, Glowing House, Radical Knitting Circle, Pink Hawks, The Raven and the Writing Desk, Dovekins, Achille Lauro, Caleb Slade, John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light, A. Tom Collins, The Centennial, Diamond Boiz, Wheelchair Sports Camp, Fresh Breath Committee, Whygee, The Foodchain, MTHDS, BLKHRTS, The Pirate Signal, Bop Skizzum, Air Dubai, Whiskey Tango, Potcheen, Something Underground, The Big Motif, The Foot., Musketeer Gripweed, Boulder Acoustic Society, Kinetix, The Gromet, Frogs Gone Fishin’, Choke the Word, The Widow’s Bane, The New Ben Franklins, Fingers of the Sun, The Sunshine House, Fierce Bad Rabbit, Tin Horn Prayer, Casey James Prestwood & the Burning Angels, 4H Royalty, The Knew, Bigwheel Electrosoul, Flashpoint Fires, Traitors to the Queen, Take to the Oars, Vices I Admire, Young Cities, Boys, Delia, My Body Sings Electric, Monroe Monroe, Port Au Prince, FaceMan, Accordion Crimes, Lion Sized, Ideal Fathers, Gangcharger, Le Divorce, Overcasters, The Photo Atlas, Snake Rattle Rattle Snake, Vicious Women, The Goochi Boiz, Synthetic Elements, St. Fall Apart, Lyin’ Bitch & the Restraining Orders, Lola Black, King Rat, Boldtype, Frontside Five, Reno Divorce, D’Girl, Rie Rie, Cavem Moetavation, DJ Ktone, Rockie, Es-Nine, Mr. Midas, Cysko Rokwel, SP Double, DJ Vajra, Haven, Innerstate Ike, Mane Rok, Spoke In Wordz, Prime Element, F.O.E., Kid Hum, Lords of Fuzz, Git Some, Kingdom of Magic, Adai, Ploy for Extinction, Lost Point, Novus Folium, Spools of Dark Thread, The Love Royale, Boa & the Constrictors, Aakash Mittal, Greg Harris, Ninth + Lincoln, ALERT, Ishe, Ginger Perry, boyhollow, Peter Black, DJ Dragon, Hearts in Space, ManCub, King Mob, Iuengliss, Flashlights, CacheFlowe, Force Publique, Panal S.A. de C.V., Eolian, Yerkish, Pacific Pride, Mike Marchant, Russ Christiansen (Surplus Cheaper Hands), Katey Laurel, Randy Ramirez, Patrick Dethlefs, Kal Cahoone, Danielle Ate the Sandwich

Girl Talk, Battles, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears, Boywood, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, Churchill, My Body Sings Electric, School of Rock, Rubedo, Panal S.A. de C.V., Choke the Word, Demon Funkies, Slaughterhouse Rootz, Trichome, Andy Palmer and Grub Street Writer, Potcheen, Pink Hawks & Koffi Togo Company, iZCALLi, Big J Beats/1984, Turner Jackson, option4, Real Magic, yo soy sauce w/CacheFlowe, Mombi, Flashlights, ManCub, Force Publique, The Photo Atlas, Filthy T, Broken Tongues, American Trash Republic, WhyGee, BigWheel Electrosoul, The Foodchain, Wheelchair Sports Camp, Cobraconda, BLKHRTS, Human Agency, Anxious, Gypdahip, Input, Koo Qua, DJ Ktone, Julox, D’Girl, DJ Low Key, Rockie, Mr. Midas, DeeJay Tense, Diamond Boiz, Mane Rok, DJ Top Shelf, Spoke In Words, SP Double, Bianca Mikahn, Hypnautic, J Carey, Eldren, Caleb Slade, In the Whale, Take to the Oars, Joshua Novak, Rachel James and the Kings, Rob Drabkin, Bop Skizzum, The Epilogues, Carbon Choir, John Templeton, DJ Brick Lee, boyhollow, Ginger Perry, MU$A, The Manxx, Glass Homes, M and the Gems, The Don’ts and Be Carefuls, Fingers of the Sun, Varlet, SAUNA, Night of Joy, Glass Hits, Wire Faces, Spires, Land Lines, The Morning Clouds, Achille Lauro, Le Divorce, Joy Subtraction, The Knew, Hearts in Space, The Swayback, Overcasters, Iconocaust, Vale of Pnath, No Fair Fights, IAMTHESHOTGUN, Lords of Fuzz, Lola Black, MF Ruckus, Zebroids, Il Cattivo, The Yawpers, Petals of Spain, I’m With Her, FaceMan, Ian Cooke, A. Tom Collins, The Raven and the Writing Desk, Fairchildren, Danielle Ate the Sandwich, John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light, Luke Schmaltz, Elway, Pitch Invasion, RED STINGER, Frontside Five, Dead Ringer, Boldtype, Synthetic Elements, Reno Divorce, The Kentucky Street Parlor Pickers, 4H Royalty, The Hollyfelds, The New Ben Franklins, Tin Horn Prayer, Arliss Nancy, Kinetix, The Foot., Wonderlic, Whiskey Tango, Alphabets, Kevin Costner Suicide Pact, Men in Burka, Iuengliss, Randy Ramirez (The Heyday), A Mouthful of Thunder, Safe Boating Is No Accident, Lizzie Huffman, Coles Whalen, Patrick Dethlefs, Aakash Mittal, Raincheck, The Austin Young Band, Dan Treanor, The Informants, Greg Harris Vibe Quintet, Carmen Sandim Sextet, Stranahan/Zaleski/Rosato, Dazzle Recordings Session

Dada Life, Trampled by Turtles, P.O.S., The Mowgli’s, My Body Sings Electric, Hunter Hunted, In the Whale, Nunchuck (Chuck Morris of Lotus), Flashbulb Fires, Instant Empire, Chemistry Club, South of France, Rob Drabkin, Potcheen, iZCALLi, The Blackouts, MF Ruckus, Lola Black, Anthony Ruptak, The Raven and the Writing Desk, John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light, I’m With Her, Shel, Chimney Choir, Champagne Charlie, A. Tom Collins, Ian Cooke, Colorado Symphony with Special Guests (Beck Reader), Quiz, Whygee, Mr. Midas, Spoke In Wordz, Hypnautic, Input, SP Double, Myke Charles, Pries, Fresh Breath Committee, Stay Tuned, Devan Blake Jones, Ten Pound Elephant, Tatanka, The Dendrites, Atomga, Wheelchair Sports Camp, MTHDS, BLKHRTS, FLASH/LIGHTS, Human Agency, Burial Plot, Native Daughters, Kitezh, In the Company of Serpents, Il Cattivo, IAMTHESHOTGUN, Vale of Pnath, Vimana, Petals of Spain, Vices I Admire, Take to the Oars, Eldren, Foxfield Four, Rachel and the Kings, Monroe Monroe, The Epilogues, Bop Skizzum, You Me & Apollo, Glass Homes, Joy Subtraction, Dragondeer, Confluence, Warhawk, Thee Dang Dangs, Hearts in Space, The Photo Atlas, Dirty Few, Snake Rattle Rattle Snake, The A-OKs, Allout Helter, Dead Ringer, Pitch Invasion, Frontside Five, Synthetic Elements, Boldtype, King Rat, Reno Divorce, The Gamits, James and the Devil, Something Underground, The Big Motif, Calder’s Revolvers, The Congress, The Foot., Musketeer Gripweed, Technicolor Tone Factory, Wonderlic, Whiskey Tango, Austin Young Band, Dan Treanor, The Delta Sonics, Willie Houston, Matt Skellenger, Jon Wirtz, Greg Harris, Shannon von Kelly, Vinnie Maniscalco, DJ Hipp-E, Cysko Rokwel, DJ Ktone, DJ Low Key, boyhollow, Mile High Soul Club, Qbala, Koo Qua, Big J Beats, Kid Hum, Cavem Moetavation, Anxious, Extra Kool, Bianca Mikahn, Turner Jackson, 2MX2, Diamond Boiz, The Railsplitters, The Jekylls, Mosey West, The New Ben Franklins, Marty Jones & the Great Unknowns, Thief River, Casey James Prestwood & the Burning Angels, The Yawpers, FaceMan, The Knew, Twin Peaks, Princess Music, Go Star, Shady Elders, Safe Boating Is No Accident, Fingers of the Sun, The Outfit, I Sank Molly Brown, Rubedo, Morning Clouds, Strange Americans, Mike Marchant, Glowing House, CacheFlowe, Iuengliss, option4, H*Wood

2 Chainz, Diplo, Cherub, Man Man, King Khan and the Shrines, Reno Divorce, Pink Hawks, Modern Suspects, SF1, DJ Cavem Moetavation, Turner Jackson, Reverb and the Verse, Planes!, Eddie Knolls, H*Wood, Wheelchair Sports Camp, MTHDS, Pan Astral, Seris, Khemmis, Muscle Beach, MF Ruckus, Lotus Gait, In the Company of Serpents, IAMTHESHOTGUN, Weaponizer, Gomorrah, Native Daughters, Babah Fly, Aires Jackson, Koo Qua, Kitty Crimes, Soul Pros, Lily Fangz, Extra Kool, Diamond Boiz, Spoke In Wordz, Mr, Midas, Stay Tuned, Lotus Drops, The Dendrites, Land Lines, Pythian Whispers, The Maykit, The Patient Zeros, Church Fire, Echo Beds, CP 208, Iuengliss, Tyler Snow, Shannon Von Kelly, Deejay Tense, DJ Ktone, DJ Low Key, Samples, boyhollow, Keepers, Man Mantis, Pruitt, Decadon, Illenium, Rumtum, Human Agency, Plume Varia, Pale Sun, The Outfit, Dragondeer, Safe Boating Is No Accident, FaceMan, Emerald Siam, Confluence, Inner Oceans, Shady Elders, Ivory Circle, Petals of Spain, Megan Burtt, Eldren, Rob Drabkin, Foxfield Four, Rachel and the Kings, Calder’s Revolvers, Hot Apostles, Lola Black, I’m a Boy, Science Partner, Varlet, The Jekylls, CRL CRRLL, A Band in Pictures, Monroe Monroe, The Royal, Joy Subtraction, The Photo Atlas, Jesse Manley, Jeremy Dion, Finnders & Youngberg, Belle Jar, Mosey West, Andy Thomas, Lil Thunder, Thief River, Poet’s Row, Glowing House, John Common Superheart, Patrick Dethlefs, Chimney Choir, Covenhoven, The Raven and the Writing Desk, Champagne Charlie, A. Tom Collins, Ian Cooke, Cult of the Lost Cause, The Inactivists, Indigenous Robot, Magic Cyclops, Colfax Speed Queen, The Best Creeps, Thee Dang Dangs, Dirty Few, Warhawk, The Drunken Cuddle, Jack’s Smirking Revenge, Catholic Girls, Shining Wires, Wiredogs, SPELLS, Allout Helter, Pitch Invasion, Boldtype, Frontside Five, Synthetic Elements, The Wild After (Randy Ramirez), The New Ben Franklins (Dave Devoe), Omniism, King Rat (Luke Schmaltz), Anthony Ruptak, We Like Monsters, Sunboy, Fingers of the Sun, The Kissing Party, Somerset Catalog, Walter, Vices I Admire, iZCALLi, Amanda Hawkins, Devan Blake Jones, The Other Black, Something Underground, Rowdy Shadehouse, Atomga, Potcheen, Jon Wirtz, The Delta Sonics, Adam Bartczak, Dan Treanor’s Afrosippi Band, Josh Quinlan, Go Star, Matt Skellenger

Flume, The Black Angels, Misterwives, Robert DeLong, Wave Racer, Roadkill Ghost Choir, Amzy, MTHDS, Lara Ruggles, Parlor Pickers, Patrick Dethlefs, Natalie Tate, Poet’s Row, Anthony Ruptak, Chella & the Charm, Annie Booth, Dave Devine, Dan Treanor, The Organization With Jeff Jenkins, Oko Tygra, Ian Cooke, Instant Empire, Post Paradise, Mr. Majestyk’s 8-Track Revival, The Vanilla Milkshakes, Modern Suspects, Wire Faces, The Epilogues, In the Whale, Clouds & Mountains, Altas, Plume Varia, Church Fire, Glowing House, The Raven and the Writing Desk, Land Lines, Casey James Prestwood & the Burning Angels, A Shoreline Dream, Ancient Elk, The Photo Atlas, Eros & the Eschaton, Porlolo, Edison, Big J Beats, Diamond Boiz, KDJ Above, Cory Kendrix, SpydaT.E.K., Koo Qua, FL, Ktone, Milky.Wav, Need & Necessity, Sam Warren, J’Adore, Topshelf, Tyler Jacobson, Hollow, Strange Americans, Gin Doctors, Andy Hamilton & the Whiskey Hitchers, Dirty Femmes, I Sank Molly Brown, Candy Claws/Sound of Ceres, Rubedo, Allout Helter, Native Daughters, Muscle Beach, MF Ruckus, Reno Divorce, Wiredogs, Wild High, Pale Sun, FaceMan, Best Creeps, Colfax Sqeed Queen, Bud Bronson & the Good Timers, Dirty Few, The Delta Sonics, The Kissing Party, The Still Tide, Hot Apostles, Joy Subtraction, Champagne Charlie, The Outfit, Snake Rattle Rattle Snake, Winehouse, Bianca Mikahn, Weird Al Qaida, Babah Fly, Stay Tuned, CRL CRRLL, Man Mantis, Bollywood Life, Cop Circles, Mirror Fears, Jack’s Smirking Revenge, Future Single Mom, Ivory Circle, Chemistry Club, Filthy T, Kitty Crimes, Go Star, Turner Jackson’s Red Plastic Cup, SF1, Wheelchair Sports Camp, The Soul Pros and DJ A-L

Matt and Kim, Dillon Francis, Cold War Kids, Chef’s Special, Black Pistol Fire, Health, 888, Grizfolk, Brick + Mortar, New Politics, Float Like a Buffalo, The Roxy Suicide, Echo Beds, Joy Subtraction, Cult of the Lost Cause, Three Dollar Knife Fights, Lawsuit Models, Grind Cat Grind, Khemmis, Kissing Party, The Patient Zeros, King Cardinal, Rossonian, Décollage, Brent Cowles, A. Tom Collins, Emerald Siam, Animal/Object, Allout Helter, One Flew West, Plume Varia, The Epilogues, SPELLS, Eros & the Eschaton, Porlolo, Bison Bone, Jen Korte & the Loss, Gin Doctors, Chimney Choir, The Raven and the Writing Desk, Casey James Prestwood & the Burning Angels, Tomahawk Fox, Ancient Elk, Hang Rounders, The Milk Blossoms, OkoTygra, Safe Boating Is No Accident, DJ Squizzy, DJ Chonz, DJ Topshelf, Milky.Wav, Sam Warren, Bollywood Life, boyhollow, Felix Fast4ward, Church Fire, DJ Wushu, Jilly.FM, Sur Ellz, Thug Entrancer, Rumtum, Gasoline Lollipops, Chella & the Charm, Strange Americans, Anthony Ruptak, Andy Thomas’ Dust Heart, Atomga, The Knew, Morning Bear, Chris Dismuke, Orquesta La Brava, Prettymouth, Grayson Erhard, Patrick Dethlefs, Hot Apostles, Rootbeer & Mermentau, Native Daughters, Male Blonding, Eldren, The Outfit, Dirty Few, Aspen Hourglass, Joseph Lamar, Bigwheel Electrosoul, Dave Devine Relay, in/Planes, Go Star, Vermillion Road, Ill Se7en, Diamond Boiz, Kayla Marque, Bianca Mikahn, Trayce Chapman, Qbala, French Kettle Station, Input + Broken, Kitty Crimes, Ivory Circle, SF1, Big J Beats, CRL CRRLL, Chemistry Club, Yor Alma & the 10th Avenue Exchange, The Still Tide, Chrome Drones, Strawberry Runners, Megan Burtt & The Cure for Love, Wheelchair Sports Camp

Shakey Graves, The Revivalists, COIN, ARIZONA, Edison, All Chiefs, Redlands, Church Fire, MC Trev Rich, Bob Moses, Cut Copy, Quantum Creep, Savage Blush, Television Generation, Nuns of Brixton, The Velveteers, Slow Caves, iZCALLi, Wild Lives, Corner Girls, Emerald Siam, Lollygags, Los Retro 45, Eldren, Pandas & People, Gasoline Lollipops, Dearling, Retrofette, Parlor Pickers, Bison Bone, The Kissing Party, SIR, Natalie Tate, Anthony Ruptak, Megan Burtt, Montropo, Joe Sampson, Heartsong Hunters, Andy Thomas’ Dust Heart, Sliver, Little Fyodor, Cheap Perfume, Allout Helter, Hydraform, Muscle Beach, Native Daughters, Voight, Altas, Pythian Whispers, Midwife, Orbit Service, Milk Blossoms, DéCollage, Ghost Tapes, Kruza Kid, Otem Rellik, Joseph Lamar, Curta, Kitty Crimes, SpydaT.E.K., Kayla Marque, YaSi, Sur Ellz, Molina Speaks/Roots, Rice and Beans, Big J Beats, Fed Rez, Wheelchair Sports Camp, Mirror Fears, Erin Stereo, DJ MRA, Maggie Despise, CRL CRRLL, Aviva, Rumtum, LaPompe, GoStar, Roka Hueka, The Other Black, Los Mocochetes, Gumbo le Funque, Atomga

Bonobo, Galantis, Joywave, The Front Bottoms, MAGIC GIANT, Sunflower Bean, St. Lucia, Wildermiss, Tracksuit Wedding, Treepeople, Phantoms, Rocket Surgeons, Eddie Turner & Trouble, Judge Roughneck, Emma Mayes and the Hip, Float Like a Buffalo, Gracie Bassie, The Dendrites, SF1 Plays Outkast, Roka Hueka, Ludlow, Jen Korte & the Loss, Jennifer Jane Niceley, Kayla Marque, The Corner Girls, The Milk Blossoms, Avenhart, Super Distant Boyfriend (Venus Cruz), Ramakhandra, It’s Just Bugs, Dandu, All Chiefs, DefKnock, YaSi, Voight, EVP, Trisicloplox, Poppet, Seal Eggs, Rare Byrd$, Mirror Fears, Guerrilla Fanfare, Quemando, Don Chicharrón, Tivoli Club Brass Band, MLIMA, Gora Gora Orkestar, Los Mocochetes, David Booker, Grayson County Burn Ban, Chella & the Charm, Lady Gang, Florea, Blake Brown & the American Dust Choir, RL Cole & the Hell You Say, Shank Aaron, Brothel, Freddy Rule, Aaron Bordas, Milky.Wav, Felix Fast4ward, Lea Luna, Mawule, Ill Se7en, Reason the Citizen, Ray Reed, DJ A-L, The ReMINDers, Chloe Tang, The Hollow, SIR, CITRA, The Velveteers, iZCALLi, Slow Caves, Hooper, Hydraform, Ghosts of Glaciers, Fathers, The Burial Plot, Dead Set, Son Survivor

Bishop Briggs, CHVRCHES, The Knocks, Crooked Colours, Jai Wolf, Jauz, LovelyTheBand, The Wrecks, YaSi, Shaed, Jesse Kinch, Slow Caves, Techno Allah, Erin Stereo, Polyphoni, Lea Luna, Shank Aaron, Ehph, Ghostpulse, OptycNerd, Ramakhandra, Liptruce, Corsicana, Vic N’ the Narwhals, Spirettes, The Hollow, CITRA, Journey Girls, Hail Satan, Nuns of Brixton, Ghosts of Glaciers, The Burial Plot, The Velveteers, Plastic Daggers, Fathers, Plasma Canvas, Cheap Perfume, Wellington Bullings, Denver Immersive Opera, Bret Sexton, Bailey Elora, The Simple Parade, Sugar Britches, Denver Art Song Project, Lost Dog Ensemble, The Maybe So’s, Joshua Trinidad Trio, Rachel Bailey, Venus Cruz, Boss Eagle, Adiel Mitchell, Brass & Gold Society, Lola Rising, Def Knock, 2MX2, Lady Gang, Rare Byrd$, DJ Imeh, Hex Kitten, Starjammer, DJ Bedz, Ray Reed, Gora Gora Orkestar, Blue Kings, Envy Alo, The Alcapones, Guerrilla Fanfare, Emma Mayes & the Hip, Wes Watkins, Float Like a Buffalo, Roka Hueka, Los Mocochetes, Lolita, Kerry Pastine & the Crime Scene, Brianna Straut, Bevin Luna, Tallgrass, Kid Reverie, Whippoorwill, Florea, Extra Gold, Avenhart


Friday: Fi Sullivan, Schama Noel, Ray Reed, Zanib, Trayce Chapman, DJ Rockstar Aaron, South of France, Mawule, Boot Gun, One Flew West, Sarah Slayton and the Great Perhaps, The Trujillo Company, Robert Shredford, Pink Fuzz, Slow Caves, Kinky Fingers, The Mañanas, Fair Elle, Ivory Circle, Nina de Freitas, Wes Watkins, The Vanilla Milkshakes, Broken Record, Hydraform, Fire Motel, Green Druid, Milquetoast & Co., Silver & Gold, Vic N’ the Narwhals, Bison Bone, Pink Hawks, Jay Triiiple, Velvet Horns, Paws the Music, Machu Linea, Los Mocochetes, Church Fire, Black Mantra, Destino, Adiel Mitchell, Old Man Saxon, LVDY
Saturday: Matoma, Thundercat, Young the Giant, Hippo Campus, N3ptune, Nay Renee, Zanib, Joseph Lamar, Ramakhandra, Brothers of Brass, iZCALLi, YaSi, 2MX2, A Meazy, Holdfast., Neoma, The Velveteers, Dafna, Roka Hueka
Indoor concert: Duke Dumont and Kaytranada

Friday: Julia Kirkwood, Lucky Spell, Big Richard, Levi Double U, Katana Da Don, Grace DeVine, Doze, Sophie Gray, Neoma, 128 Productions, Honey Blazer, Plasma Canvas, Ryan Chrys & the Rough Cuts, 2MX2, Immigrant’s Child, The Crooked Rugs, Kenny Cornbread, Elektric Animals, Neon the Bishop, Pink Fuzz, Same Cloth, Gestalt, Ritmo Cascabel, Claire Heywood, Bellhoss, Bear and the Beasts, Ipecac, Hellocentral, Endless, Nameless, Julian St. Nightmare, DespAIR Jordan, CITRA, Mlady, Kayla Marque, Bluebook, The Mañanas, Don Chicharrón, 2Slikk, At’Eaze, Blasky, Chocolate Drop, Co-Stanza, Danae Simone, Dankies, Decker Rush, DirteeDisco, Destiny Shynelle, DJ No Pantz, DJ Simone Says, DJ Squizzy Taylor, Djuric, Dugan, Giant, Globzter, Hollywood Hyde, High Street Joggers, Josh Fedz, Josh Forster, Kimberly St. John, Lane-o, Le Fr3sh, Little, Lkeys, Local Singles, Luc, MaceFaceKilla, MeowMixx, NoizeyXFlo, Nulif3, Pharm DJ, RC3, Ready or Not, Spella, Steezify, Stereo Nine, Theo Charles, TheyCallHimAP, Trey Triple A, Urza, Wessyde, Wic Jones, Zerek
Saturday: The Flaming Lips, Saint Motel, X Ambassadors, Jukebox the Ghost, Cannons, The Main Squeeze
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