Meet a Westword Music Showcase Band: Little Fyodor
Little Fyodor

Meet a Westword Music Showcase Band: Little Fyodor

Seventy of Denver's best hometown bands will play the Westword Music Showcase along with national acts Shakey Graves, the Revivalists, Cut Copy, Bob Moses, COIN and A R I Z O N A, on Saturday, June 24. We reached out to the local outfits to learn more about their music and their relationship to Denver.

Here's what Little Fyodor had to say:

Westword: How would you describe your sound?

Little Fyodor: Weird and quirky outsider punk.

How has Denver influenced your sound?

I've been here 35 fucking years (old fart), so it's just where most of my experiences have been. But I did originally start to become Little Fyodor — i.e., writing my angry, punchy, wacky songs of alienation and woe, while still back east.

What could Denver do to better support musicians?

Bob or John? Wait, they're BOTH dead! All seriousness aside, I don't worry myself about institutional assistance. Nothing replaces good performances and good audiences, and you just get that from the performers and the audience members. It's on them....

Will you stay in Denver or will you leave? Why?

No plans on leaving, unless some huge carrot is dangled. I currently have the only job I've ever had that didn't abysmally suck, and most of my friends and the mountains are still here. The growth is obnoxious in a lot of ways, but them's the breaks. At least we own our own house, which helps, all ’cause Babushka woulda smacked me upside the head with a rolling pin if I hadn't gone along with her idea to buy a house over twenty years ago, when that was still feasible for the likes of us, and we're damn lucky we did.

Westword Music Showcase, Saturday, June 24, Golden Triangle neighborhood. For tickets and more information, go to westwordshowcase.com.

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