Why Mayhem Festival's split Denver bill is a gift to serious metal fans

One month after the full Mayhem Fest tour announcement which includes only five of the boasted 19 bands at Red Rocks July 14, the tour has announced an accompanying Taste of Mayhem show. The Fillmore will host the other 14 acts on July 13, including Cannibal Corpse, Suicide Silence and Miss May I.

Mayhem Fest was pummeled in social media for its confusing announcement about which bands would play Denver and for moving from Fiddler's Green to the pricier, less mosh-friendly Red Rocks. Tour co-founder John Reese stepped in to explain the unusual format and venue changes, and assured Denver that another announcement was on the way. Here it is.

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Taste of Mayhem will feature Mayhem Fest's most intriguing underground acts without the added ticket price, inconvenient venue and general hassles that come with major hard rock festivals.

Tickets to Taste of Mayhem at Fillmore are currently $35. Compare that to the Albuquerque date which hosts the entire 19 band lineup for $75. That means Suicide Silence fans in New Mexico will pay more than twice as much to see their favorite band because headliners like Korn drive up ticket prices. That's not to say the two bands don't share at least a small fan base, but it's less likely that Cannibal Corpse fans in Denver would pay extra for Asking Alexandria if given the choice.

While those bands may represent the greatest divide between Mayhem Fest artists, the Denver dates will segregate die hard metal fans from casual hard rock festival attendees. That means a more dedicated, serious crowd for the Fillmore show.

Plus, fans will find it much easier to mosh on the broad, flat floor of the Fillmore than Red Rocks. There are downsides: New metal fans won't get a chance to be exposed to some of the genre's less commercial bands. But overall, Taste of Mayhem in Denver should not be seen as a compromise. This metal fan, at least, is thankful.

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