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Why Rubedo Is Hosting a Ticket Line Party

It is rare for people to buy tickets to a concert in person anymore, let alone wait in line for those tickets. Tickets these days are more likely a code on your smart phone than a physical item. Rubedo wants to change that, at least temporarily.

Tomorrow at noon, the band will be hosting a line party at the Ogden Theatre's box office called "Party In Line Like it's 1979." The event marks the moment tickets to its July 4 show at the Bluebird go on sale, and Rubedo wants to make sure fans and friends get a physical ticket in hand, and get some time to just hang out with each other. There's also a practical reason: Saving fans money. The band worked with the venue to make a limited number of tickets available for $5, and buying the tickets at the box office helps people avoid the fees associated with buying tickets online. "$5 is what I can afford, so I wanted to make sure our friends and fans, if that is their budget, that they could come out and get it," says drummer Gregg Ziemba.

"It's something we've been thinking about for a long time," says Ziemba. "Like when we were younger, pre-internet days, when tickets went on sale ... You would actually go to [a box office] and there would be people waiting in line.

He recalls a specific time a few years back when the Mars Volta were playing the Fox in Boulder, and only some tickets were available online. Most were only offered in person at Albums On The Hill. He and his friends, "who never get up early"  spent the morning hanging out with fellow Mars Volta fans, and he says he remembers how special that felt. 

Ziemba says that those people who were waiting in lines at box offices early in the morning were usually the same people who would wait outside the venue day of the show to be in front, and for him, it was an easy way to meet fellow music lovers, "hanging out at the line and at the front of the show and talking about music we liked."

"Part of me just missed that," he says. "Just taking the time to chill with your friends and how the ritual of going to the concert can extend from just the concert day to the ritual of going getting tickets and having them in your hands and getting excited for the show."

Rubedo is trying to recapture that feeling with this event, which starts at noon outside the box office at the Ogden Theater. There's a Facebook event, and the band already invited a bunch of friends in order to "hang out and be together."

"It's a good excuse to see our friends," he says. "Some people will meet up and maybe we'll hang out all day for all we know. We just wanted to set aside some time to see everybody."

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