You'll Never Forget Your First WHITECATPINK Show

The seventh annual FoCoMX festival took place this weekend in Fort Collins. Bars, venues, breweries and coffee shops were packed with sweaty, often drunk fans swaying to their favorite local stars. There were plenty of memorable moments from the weekend, but there is no experience quite like the one you get when WHITECATPINK enters a venue. 

David Jacoby is the mastermind and creator of his self-proclaimed animal/object identity of "White Cat," center-stage of the musical act WHITECATPINK. Described as Glam/Electronica/Krautrock on his Facebook page, Jacoby explains his musical project as "an audio-visual experience, combining high-energy electronic music with '60s French Pop elements. Masterminded by David Jacoby, aka the White Cat, WHITECATPINK fell to earth in August of 2007. Having gone through several changes and worked with a variety of musicians, WHITECATPINK continually offers a streamlined set of fun, original music, slamming loops, and sophisticated drumming. MEOW!"  Wearing a furry mask with a pink neck collar, whiskers and lipstick, Jacoby is committed to the persona. The full garb includes tights, furry hands and a tail, both of which he uses like props when dancing in a crowd, holding his "paws" out and stroking his tail. He performed twice during FoCoMX — once in the indie movie theater the Lyric, and again at the bar Whiskey. During his sets, he is on the drums with a microphone and a couple of dancers with tails and ears to set the scene in front of him. If the atmosphere is good, the crowd is dancing and taking in the creativity that is often not seen in the Fort Collins sea of alt-rockers and singer-songwriters. If the crowd is stunned, and the atmosphere isn't conducive to dancing, the crowd sits and watches. It seems Jacoby enjoys both. 

While White Cat can be elusive at times, popping up just as stealthy as any true feline. But you can catch him on May 7 at the Downtown Artery

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